Human Rights and Social Justice in a Global Perspective: An Introduction to International Social Work (3rd edition)

ISBN : 9780190059477

Susan C. Mapp
480 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Sep 2020
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Social workers are global actors. From protecting the rights of individuals to working through the lasting impact of regional or international conflict, it is important to acknowledge the impact international social issues have on the work of social workers. In the third edition of Human Rights and Social Justice in a Global Perspective, Susan C. Mapp utilizes the human rights approach to examine social issues in the Global South, including AIDS, human trafficking, war and conflict, and climate change. Using the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as other UN human rights documents, as a framework to examine social injustice and human rights violations, these issues are explained holistically to allow readers to understand the cultural context in which they arise and why they persist in society today. Each chapter closes with a "Culture Box," which offers an in-depth look into the issue in, and cultural impacts surrounding, a specific country. Mapp provides suggestions for affecting change on every issue, both as a professional social worker and in one's personal life, making this an ideal text for those looking to engage with international social work.


Chapter 1. International Social Development
Chapter 2. Human Rights
Chapter 3. Human Trafficking
Chapter 4. Child Welfare &Well-being
Chapter 5. War and Conflict
Chapter 6. Displaced By War and Conflict
Chapter 7. AIDS
Chapter 8. Issues Particularly Affecting Women
Chapter 9. Social Work and the Physical Environment
Chapter 10. Sustainable Development Goals
Chapter 11. A Call to Action
Appendix A: Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Appendix B: Opportunities in International Social Work

About the author: 

Susan C. Mapp, PhD, MSSW, is Professor and Chair of Social Work at Elizabethtown College. She is cofounder and coeditor-in-chief of Journal of Human Rights and Social Work.

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