Social Work Live: Theory and Practice in Social Work Using Videos

ISBN : 9780199368938

Carol Dorr
480 Pages
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180 x 255 mm
Pub date
Nov 2014
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Students often cannot relate to master clinicians in interviews, and short video clips appear rehearsed and do not provide much context for understanding the interview. In contrast, Social Work Live does more than just teach interviewing skills; through process recordings, it helps demonstrate how to link what is said in an interview to different theories and practice skills. Carol Dorr analyzes each interview and goes into sufficient depth to tease out many aspects of practice that students need to understand, and show how to approach the client interview and link it to different theories and practice skills relevant to their own client interventions. Scoial Work Live includes five video-recorded interviewa which allow students to identify with in an interactive manner.


Chapter 1 - Overview of Practice in Social Work
Chapter 2 - Overview of Theories
Chapter 3 - Practice with Serious and Life-threatening Illness
Chapter 4 - Practice with At-risk Populations: the Elderly and Public Assistance
Chapter 5 - Practice with Children: Issues of Childhood Leukemia and Divorce
Chapter 6 - Practice with Families: Parenting a Child with Leukemia
Chapter 7 - Practice with Domestic Violence

About the author: 

Carol Dorr, PhD, has a private practice in Watertown, MA. She is an Associate Professor at Regis College where she was Director of the Social Work Program for 17 years.

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