Comparative Perspectives on Gender Violence: Lessons from Efforts Worldwide

ISBN : 9780199346578

Rashmi Goel; Leigh Goodmark
240 Pages
172 x 236 mm
Pub date
Sep 2015
Interpersonal Violence
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The United States has uncritically exported its law and policy on gender violence without regard to effectiveness or cultural context, and without asking what we might learn from efforts to combat gender violence in the rest of the world. This book asks that question. Comparative Perspectives on Gender Violence: Lessons From Efforts Worldwide documents the global scope of gender violence, from countries where the legal response is just emerging to countries with longstanding law and policy regimes. Informed by international human rights law, Comparative Perspectives on Gender Violence examines policy successes and failures and grassroots efforts to elicit a robust and proactive response from China to Chile. From the work of local activists to stem the tide of sexual and intimate partner violence after the Haitian earthquake of 2005, to the efforts to eradicate dowry-related violence in India, to the public education campaigns to prevent domestic violence in Scotland, Comparative Perspectives on Gender Violence offers a comprehensive vision of efforts around the world to eradicate gender based violence. Featuring the work of leading gender violence academics and activists around the world, Comparative Perspectives on Gender Violence provides a new lens through which to consider U.S. efforts to address gender violence.


Part I. Pushing Law: Legislating Gender Violence Worldwide
1. Exporting Without License: The American Attempt to End Intimate Partner Abuse Worldwide by Leigh Goodmark
2. Gaps and Challenges in States' Response in the Quest to Eliminate Violence Against Women-A Global Perspective by Rashida Manjoo
Part II. Developing a Legal Response
3. Operating in a Narrow Space to Effect Change: Development of a Legal System Response to Domestic Violence in China by Robin Runge
4. The Vital Role of Grassroots Movements in Combatting Sexual Violence and Intimate Partner Abuse in Haiti by Nicole Phillips
5. Violence against Palestinian Women in the West Bank by Nadera Shalhoub-Krevorkian and Adrien K. Wing
III. Tackling Specifics: The Lessons of Implementation
6. Lessons from the Local: Rurality and Responses to Intimate Partner Abuse in Sub-Saharan Africa and the United States by Johanna Bond and Elizabeth Bruch
7. ": Gendered Notions, Economic Inequality, Intimate Partner Violence and Lessons from Chile to Move Beyond Judicial Reform by Nia Parson
8. Coaxing Culture-India's Legislative Response to Dowry Deaths by Rashmi Goel
IV. Still Work to Do: The Continuing Evolution of the Legal Response
9. An American in St Patrick's Court: Gender-Violence, Gender Inequality and the Irish Feminist Response by Kris Miccio
10. Family Law Reform and Domestic Violence: Lessons from Australia by Molly Dragiewicz
11. The Economics of Gender Violence in Norway: A Comparative Approach by Julie Goldschied
12. Domestic Abuse: Feminism, the Government and the Unique Case of Scotland by Nancy Lombard and Nel Whiting
13. Alternative U.S. Responses to Intimate Partner Violence by Donna Coker and
Ahjane Macquoid

About the author: 

Leigh Goodmark, JD from Standford University School of Law, is a professor of law, director of Clinical Education and Family Law Clinic, and co-director of the Center on Applied Feminism at the University of Baltimore School of Law.Rashmi Goel, LLB, JSM, and current JSD candidate at Stanford University School of Law, is an associate professor of comparative and criminal law at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

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