Hallelujah Moments: Tales of Drug Discovery

ISBN : 9780199337149

Eugene H. Cordes
264 Pages
163 x 236 mm
Pub date
Mar 2014
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Pharmeceutical drug discovery has wide-reaching and obvious effects on the lives of people everywhere, and yet the general public knows very little about the way in which these important products are conceived. We rely on pharmaceuticals to keep us healthy in countless ways, with almost no understanding of the process behind the creation of the drugs we use. in Hallelujah Moments, Eugene Cordes reveals just how some of the most important and influential drugs are made. He shares his firsthand knowledge of the drug-discovery world, having spent a long and distinguished career on both the academic and industrial side of pharmaceutical research. These tales are "adventure stories," and they follow important drugs like Proscar, Capoten, and Mevacor from the idea stage all the way to the point of being made publicly available. Cordes shows us the dynamic and critical thinking needed to create a useful drug, and the human stories of risk-taking, problem-solving, and, in many cases, failure. Written accessibly for a non-scientist audience, Hallelujah Moments brings the general public up to speed on the fascinating world of drug discovery like never before.


Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Seduced by drug discovery
Chapter 2: The small molecules of life
Chapter 3: Proteins: molecular wonders in three dimensions
Chapter 4. Proteins perform multiple functions: enzymes, receptors, ion channels
Chapter 5: Drug discovery and development: the road from an idea to promoting
human health
Chapter 6: Finasteride: the Gary and Jerry show
Chapter 7: Basic research, snake venoms, and ACE inhibitors: Ondetti, Cushman, and
Chapter 8: Statins: protection against heart attacks and strokes
Chapter 9: The perils of Primaxin
Chapter 10: Avermectins: molecules of life battle parasites
Chapter 11: Fludalanine: nice try but no hallelujah
Chapter 12: Diabetes Breakthrough: Januvia and Janumet

About the author: 

Dr. Eugene Cordes has been a professor at the University of Michigan since 1995. In addition to having served as Vice President at Merck Research Laboratories and as the Vice President of R&D at Eastman Pharmaceuticals, he is the author of The Tao of Chemistry and Life (OUP 2009).

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