Advances in Culture and Psychology: Volume 4

ISBN : 9780199336708

Ying-Yi Hong; Michele J. Gelfand; Chi-Yue Chiu
384 Pages
163 x 240 mm
Pub date
Oct 2013
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With applications throughout the social sciences, culture and psychology is a rapidly growing field that has experienced a surge in publications over the last decade. From this proliferation of books, chapters, and journal articles, exciting developments have emerged in the relationship of culture to cognitive processes, human development, psychopathology, social behavior, organizational behavior, neuroscience, language, marketing, and other topics. In recognition of this exponential growth, Advances in Culture and Psychology is the first annual series to offer state-of-the-art reviews of scholarly research in the growing field of culture and psychology. The Advances in Culture and Psychology series is: * Developing an intellectual home for culture and psychology research programs * Fostering bridges and connections among cultural scholars from across the discipline * Creating a premier outlet for culture and psychology research * Publishing articles that reflect the theoretical, methodological, and epistemological diversity in the study of culture and psychology * Enhancing the collective identity of the culture and psychology field Comprising chapters from internationally renowned culture scholars and representing diversity in the theory and study of culture within psychology, Advances in Culture and Psychology is an ideal resource for research programs and academics throughout the psychology community.


Chapter 1
Cultural Neuroscience: Understanding Human Diversity
Joan Y. Chiao, Bobby K. Cheon, Narun Pornpattanangkul, Alissa J. Mrazek, Kate D. Blizinsky
Chapter 2
Economics, Sex, and the Emergence of Society
Douglas T. Kenrick & Luis Gomez-Jacinto
Chapter 3
Entries into Meaning: Socialization via Narrative in the Early Years
Peggy Miller
Chapter 4
Culture and Epistemologies: Putting Culture Back into the Ecosystem
Douglas Medin, bethany ojalehto, Ananda Marin, and Megan Bang
Chapter 5
What Values Can (And Cannot) Tell Us About Individuals, Society, and Culture
Ronald Fischer
Chapter 6
Sacred Values and Cultural Conflict
Jeremy Ginges & Scott Atran
Chapter 7
Asian American Psychology: Individuals and Families in Global and Historical Contexts
Sumie Okazaki

About the author: 

Michele J. Gelfand is Professor of Psychology and Distinguished University Scholar Teacher at the University of Maryland, College Park. Chi-yue Chiu is Professor at Nanyang Business School at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Ying-yi Hong is Professor at Nanyang Business School at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and Professor at the School of Psychology at Beijing Normal University in China.

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