Therapeutic Storytelling for Adolescents and Young Adults

ISBN : 9780199335176

Johanna Slivinske; Lee R. Slivinske
288 Pages
182 x 253 mm
Pub date
Dec 2013
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Adolescents are often an overlooked clinical population. Among school-based practitioners, there is a natural inclination to focus the delivery of mental health services, assessment measures, and intervention plans on younger children, and there is a strong research base to support these programs. On the other hand, the waiting rooms of most practitioners in private practice are filled with young and middle-age adults, couples, or families with young children. Because most therapists do not specialize in working with teens, who might make up only a small portion of their overall caseload, there is a need for high quality, easily implemented activities to help engage with adolescent clients. This book provides an overview of the principles of therapeutic storytelling, developmental issues of adolescents and young adulthood, and their strengths-based model, before moving into a series of chapters devoted to specific issues. Commonly encountered topics such as sexuality, parent & peer relationships, substance abuse, violence & gangs, bereavement, and cultural and religious issues are covered within the chapters. A convenient companion website designed to facilitate ease of use for the busy professional or academic contains printable storytelling and activity worksheets, color photographs for phototherapy and guided imagery, and additional resources/website links,


Chapter 1 Instructional Guidelines and Strategies
Chapter 2 Conceptual Framework and Evidence-Based Practice
Chapter 3 Principles and Processes of Storytelling with Teens and Young Adults
Chapter 4 Developmental Issues of Adolescence and Young Adulthood
Chapter 5 The Strengths Approach to Storytelling with Teens and Young Adults
Chapter 6 Social Adjustment and Peer Acceptance
Chapter 7 Sexuality
Chapter 8 Abuse, Sexual Assault and Exploitation
Chapter 9 Parents
Chapter 10 Relationships
Chapter 11 Eating Issues
Chapter 12 Emotions
Chapter 13 Dating Violence
Chapter 14 Substance Abuse
Chapter 15 Trauma
Chapter 16 Military Issues and International Violence
Chapter 17 Death
Chapter 18 Strengths
Chapter 19 Community Violence and Gangs
Chapter 20 Independence
Chapter 21 Cultural and Religious Issues
Chapter 22 Job Loss and Poverty
Chapter 23 Illness and Disability
Chapter 24 School Issues
Chapter 25 General Activities for All Practice Areas

About the author: 

J. Slivinske, MSW, Mental Health Therapist, PsyCare Inc., Howland, Ohio; Adjunct Instructor, Department of Social Work, Youngstown State UniversityL. Slivinske, Ph.D., LISW, Professor Emeritus, Department of Social Work,Youngstown State University

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