The Positive Pianist: How Flow Can Bring Passion to Practice and Performance

ISBN : 9780199316601

Thomas J. Parente
152 Pages
170 x 238 mm
Pub date
Apr 2015
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In The Positive Pianist: How Flow Can Bring Passion to Practice and Performance, author Thomas J. Parente applies the concept of flow to the practice of piano playing, demonstrating how student musicians can experience enjoyment and confidence from succeeding at something that challenges them to an engaging level. By using Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's theory of flow to musical performance, Parente shows that linking productivity and enjoyment in piano playing has a positive impact on students, motivating them to practice more in order to experience flow again; this creates optimal learning conditions for piano practicing. As the chapters progress, Parente shows students how to evaluate their own progress and offers teachers the tools to impart on their students an optimal practice method: one informed by flow. Parente argues for an objective, goal-oriented backdrop that will lead piano students to achieve greater confidence, accuracy, and musicality. The Positive Pianist draws on the author's forty years of teaching experience and research to show piano students and their teachers how to develop a productive, focused mental state when practicing the piano.


Chapter 1. Loving What You Do, Doing What You Love
Chapter 2. Flow Experience
Chapter 3. Building Skills
Chapter 4. Combining Flow and Skills
Chapter 5. Learning a Simple Piece
Chapter 6. Learning a More Complex Piece
Chapter 7. Developing the Confidence to Perform
Chapter 8. Teaching to Flow

About the author: 

Dr. Thomas J. Parente is an Associate Professor of Piano at Westminster Choir College of Rider University, and maintains an active studio of private piano students. A frequent clinician, he has presented workshops, courses, and clinics both nationally and internationally.

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