Oxford Readings in Tacitus

ISBN : 9780199285099

Rhiannon Ash
496 Pages
143 x 216 mm
Pub date
Jun 2012
Oxford Readings in Classical Studies
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This collection of seminal and lively articles on the Roman historian of the early empire, Tacitus, is written by a wide range of established experts in the field. Tacitus is best known for his extraordinary historical narratives on the Roman emperors from Tiberius to Nero and the civil wars which followed the death of Nero in AD 68. The articles are designed to reflect the main trends in scholarship on Tacitus, particularly as they have developed over the last century, and to situate this Roman author in his literary and historical context. Beginning with a comprehensive introduction, Ash sets the selected scholarship in context and discusses the history of modern critical responses to Tacitus. Covering the whole of Tacitus' works (the Agricola, Germania, Dialogus, as well as the historical narratives, the Histories and the Annals), this volume also includes articles published in English for the very first time.


1. An Island Nation: Re-Reading Tacitus Agricola
2. The Theme of Liberty in the Agricola of Tacitus
3. There s No Place Like Rome: Identity and Difference in the Germania of Tacitus
4. Praise and Doublespeak: Tacitus Dialogus
5. Appreciating Aper: The Defence of Modernity in Tacitus Dialogus de Oratoribus
6. The Agricola: Stepping-Stone to History
7. Critical Appreciations III: Tacitus, Histories 3.38-9
8. Pity, Fear, and the Historical Audience: Tacitus on the Fall of Vitellius
9. Tacitus and the Death of Augustus
10. Obituaries in Tacitus
11. The Beginning of the Year
12. Tacitus and Germanicus
13. Nero s Alien Capital
14. Tacitus Conception of Historical Change
15. Development of Language and Style in the Annals of Tacitus
16. Tacitus Excursus on the Jews through the Ages: An Overview of its Reception History
17. Tacitus and the Tacitist Tradition
18. Tacitus Now

About the author: 

Rhiannon Ash is a Fellow and Tutor in Classics at Merton College, Oxford University. She has published widely on Tacitus and Roman Historiography and has particular interests in Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger about whom she has published a number of articles. She is currently writing a commentary on Tacitus Annals 15.

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