Oxford Handbook of Medical Imaging

ISBN : 9780199216369

M. J. Darby; D. Barron; R. E. Hyland
456 Pages
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106 x 181 mm
Pub date
Dec 2011
Oxford Medical Handbooks
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As medical imaging plays an increasingly important role in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, it has become vital for medical practitioners to have a thorough understanding of the many complicated techniques available. The Oxford Handbook of Medical Imaging is a practical quick-reference guide to all the modalities and techniques of imaging for medical and surgical conditions. Practical and easy to use, the handbook covers all common diagnoses, symptoms, and conditions. Medical and surgical emergencies are covered, along with explanations of the rationale behind each imaging techinque and the common questions likely to be asked. Fully illustrated throughout with example images from real cases, the indications, merits, and drawbacks of all the various modalities are explained in quick bullet points for ease of understanding and quick reference. Each chapter (where appropriate) is split into handy sections on differential diagnosis, presenting symptoms, and common conditions, so you will always have the most relevant information at your fingertips. This handbook is sure to be a constant companion for all radiographers and students, junior doctors, clinicians, and anyone who works with medical imaging.


1. Techniques
2. Respiratory differential diagnosis
3. Respiratory presenting syndromes
4. Respiratory conditions
5. Vascular differential diagnosis
6. Vascular presenting syndromes
7. Vascular conditions
8. Neurology differential diagnosis
9. Neurology presenting syndromes
10. Neurology conditions
11. Head and Neck differential diagnosis
12. Head and Neck presenting syndromes
13. Head and Neck conditions
14. Genitourinary differential diagnosis
15. Genitourinary presenting syndromes
16. Genitourinary conditions
17. Musculoskeletal differential diagnosis
18. Musculoskeletal presenting syndromes
19. Musculoskeletal conditions
20. Trauma
21. Gastrointestinal differential diagnosis
22. Gastrointestinal presenting syndromes
23. Gastrointestinal conditions
24. Breast differential diagnosis
25. Breast differential conditions

About the author: 

M J Darby: Qualified 1991, FRCR 2000, consultant radiologist at Leeds Teaching hospital since 2001; R E Hyland: Qualified 1999, consultant radiologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals

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