China's Growth: The Making of an Economic Superpower

ISBN : 9780199205783

Linda Yueh
368 Pages
161 x 240 mm
Pub date
Apr 2013
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China's economic growth has transformed the country from one of the poorest in the world to its second largest economy. Understanding the drivers of growth remains elusive as the country is affected by both its transition from central planning and the challenges of a developing country. This book examines the main themes of growth, offering micro level evidence to shed light on the macro drivers of the economy. It also focuses on law and informal institutions of the economy to highlight the importance of entrepreneurship and the development of the private sector.


1. Introduction
2. New Growth Theories: Transition and Institutional Change
3. Neoclassical Growth: Labour Productivity and Corporate Restructuring
4. Endogenous Growth: Human Capital and Labour Market Reforms
5. 'Catch up' Growth: Technology Transfers and Innovation
6. Informal Growth Determinants: Self-Employment and Social Capital
7. Financial and Legal Development: The Role of Private Enterprises in Growth
8. Global Integration and Growth: Re-Balancing the Economy
9. Conclusion: The Role of the State

About the author: 

Linda Yueh is a fellow in economics at St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford, adjunct professor of economics at the London Business School, and visiting professor of economics at Peking University. Dr. Yueh directs the China Growth Centre at Oxford and is an associate of the Centre for Economic Performance and IDEAS research centre at the London School of Economics. She has been an advisor to, among others, the World Economic Forum in Davos, the World Bank, the European Commission, and the Asian Development Bank. She is also an economics broadcaster and has published widely in the areas of economics, law, globalisation, and development.

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