John Henry Newman Sermons 1824-1843: v. 4: The Church and Miscellaneous Sermons at St Mary's and Littlemore

ISBN : 9780199200917

Francis J. McGrath, FMS
416 Pages
163 x 241 mm
Pub date
Mar 2011
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From 1824 to 1843 Newman was an active clergyman of the Church of England; during these years he entered the pulpit about 1,270 times. He published 217 of the sermons which he wrote during these years; a further 246 sermons survive in manuscript in the Archives of the Birmingham Oratory, some only as fragments, some simply as sermon abstracts, but the majority as full texts. When completed, this series of the sermons will consist of five volumes. Volume IV contains thirty-nine sermons covering a period of sixteen years from the time when John Henry was still an Evangelical to the period immediately leading up to his departure from the Church of England. Part I contains twelve sermons on the Church, preached over a thirteen-year period from 1824 to 1837. Five of these belong to the twenty months spent as Curate of the old church of St Clement's and the other seven while Vicar of St Mary's, including the first sermon he ever preached on High Church principles. Part II contains a miscellany of twenty-seven sermons preached between 1828 and 1840. They range from five sermons on the Incarnate Christ; one to commemorate the dedication of the new church at Littlemore; one on Rome and Antichrist, two on behalf of the Church Missionary Society and the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel; two to mark the deaths of George IV and his former classic master, Walter Meyers; one also to commemorate the anniversary of the execution of Charles I.


Introductory Note
I. The Church
II. Miscellaneous Sermons at St Mary's and Littlemore: 1825-1843
1. Tract 11: The Visible Church
2. Tract 20: The Visible Church
3. Tract 47: The Visible Church
4. Suggestions in Behalf of the Church Missionary Society
5. Three Articles from the Times on the Death of King George IV
Chronological List of Sermons

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Francis J McGrath, Birmingham Oratory

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