AFEM Handbook of Acute and Emergency Care

ISBN : 9780199056071

Lee A. Wallis; Teri A. Reynolds
1008 Pages
115 x 183 mm
Pub date
Apr 2014
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The main burden of disease in most African countries presents as emergencies, yet emergency care is massively neglected. The AFEM Handbook of Acute and Emergency Care equips healthcare workers in the sub-Saharan Region to investigate and manage patients who present with a range of acute conditions. The Handbook takes the reader through the approach to the patient in a moderately resourced setting (e.g. where an X-ray machine and oxygen is available), or in a setting with full resources (e.g. CT scanner, cardiac catheterisation lab). This unique stratified approach is tailored to the specificities of the African context. In addition, the book includes a set of syndrome-based Rapid Assessment Protocols to facilitate rapid intervention for undifferentially critically ill patients.


Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 Approach to the unstable patient
Part 3 Rapid assessment protocols
Part 4 Disorders by system
A. Cardiovascular
B. Dental and oral surgery
C. Dermatology
D. Ear, nose and throat
E. Environmental emergencies
F. Gastrointestinal
G. Haematology
H. Infectious diseases
I. Metabolic and nutritional
J. Neurology
K. Obstetrics and gynaecology
L. Ophthalmology
M. Orthopaedics
N. Psychiatry
O. Renal and urology
P. Respiratory system
Q. Rheumatology
R. Toxicology
S. Trauma
Part 5 Emergency ultrasound
Part 6 Procedures
Part 7 Special considerations
A. Process
B. Out of hospital care
C. Disaster medicine
Part 8 Appendix

About the author: 

Professor Lee A. Wallis is Head of Emergency Medicine at the University of Cape Town and University of Stellenbosch, and President of the African Federation for Emergency Medicine. Dr Teri A. Reynolds is Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of California, San Francisco; Emergency Medicine Residency Programme Director at Muhimbili National Hospital, Dar es Salaam; and Chair of the AFEM Scientific Committee.

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