Human Factors in Healthcare Level 1 and Level 2 Pack

ISBN : 9780198778202

Debbie Rosenorn-Lanng
272 Pages
Multiple Copy Pack
156 x 233 mm
Pub date
Nov 2015
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Human Factors in Healthcare Levels One and Two are bundled together in a pack which represents excellent value and will be an indispensible aid to the learning and practice of the key issues in human factors in healthcare. The majority of errors, litigation, and complaints in the health service are due to 'human factors', yet the term is still not widely understood and is sometimes used interchangeably to refer to team training or communication skills. Although including these, the subject of 'human factors' goes far beyond this to look at systems, environmental influences, and interactions with equipment, in addition to self-awareness and human interaction. All of these aspects are captured in Human Factors in Healthcare and are built into a new framework: the SHEEP model, which breaks down into five key areas: Systems, Human Interaction, Environment, Equipment, and Personal, providing a structured way to focus on adopting 'safety positive' behaviours. Written in a clear and engaging way, the books are ideal for clinicians and non-clinicians alike. Through the use of relevant real world healthcare examples and exercises the books encourage interaction and thinking, as well as illustrating how mistakes can be avoided. The set also outlines ways to improve the experience of patients and staff across healthcare, in particular focusing on how to improve patient safety. In light of regular news reports about patient care, Human Factors in Healthcare presents a timely and proactive approach to these issues and is essential reading for doctors, nurses, managers, and everyone working in the healthcare profession.



About the author: 

Debbie Rosenorn-Lanng has 20 years of experience as a doctor, seven years of which were as a Consultant Anaesthetist. She has over 18 years experience in medical education and is an approved Royal College of Physicians Educator. Debbie is passionate about patient safety and improving the experience of both patients and staff which she believes go hand in hand. With this in mind, she has been teaching a Human Factors in Healthcare program across her Trust and externally to promote culture change. These courses are all multi-professional, mixing clinical and non-clinical staff, to encourage the removal of silo working. Debbie has recently become one of the executive leads for the Human Factors Workstream on behalf of the Patient Safety Federation based in the South of England and is the Director of Simulation at an Acute Trust. Her enthusiasm for Simulation has led to the successful introduction of over 30 courses across the Trust.

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