Wildlife Conservation on Farmland: Conflict in the Countryside: Volume 2

ISBN : 9780198745501

David W. Macdonald; Ruth E. Feber
336 Pages
199 x 249 mm
Pub date
Jul 2015
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Many of the encounters between farming and wildlife, especially vertebrates, involve some level of conflict which can cause disadvantage to both the wildlife and the people involved. Through a series of WildCRU case-studies, this volume investigates the sources of the problems, and ultimately of the threats to conservation, discussing a variety of remedies and mitigations, and demonstrating the benefits of evidence-based, inter-disciplinary policy.


1. War or peace: farming and wildlife
2. Foxes in the landscape: ecology and sociality
3. Foxes in the landscape: hunting, control, and economics
4. Badgers in the rural landscape- conservation paragon or farmland pariah? Lessons from the Wytham Badger Project
5. Badgers and bovine tuberculosis: beyond perturbation to life cycle analysis
6. Biology, ecology and reproduction of American mink Neovison vison on lowland farmland
7. Riparian mustelids in the Upper Thames: a case of alien invasives versus native competitors
8. Crayfish management in the Upper Thames
9. Small farmland bird declines, gamebird releases, and changes in seed sources
10. In the wake of buzzards: from modelling to conservation and management in a changing landscape
11. Brown rats on farmland: ecological citizens or subsidised carpet-baggers?
12. Moles on farmland: making mountains out of molehills?
13. Managing wildlife humanely with learned food aversions
14. From science to practice: delivering conservation across the landscape
15. Many hands make light work - but do they? A critical evaluation of citizen science

About the author: 

Jon McCormack, Royal Hospital for Sick Children; Keith Kelly, Royal Hospital for Sick Children

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