Wildlife Conservation on Farmland: Managing for Nature on Lowland Farms: Volume 1

ISBN : 9780198745488

David W. Macdonald; Ruth E. Feber
336 Pages
199 x 249 mm
Pub date
Jul 2015
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Using more than 30 years research from the author team at the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), this volume reveals how agricultural systems and wildlife interact, presenting examples from scales varying from landscape to microcosm, from populations to individuals, covering plants, invertebrates, birds, and mammals. It demonstrates the essential ecosystem services provided by agricultural land, and discusses the implications of agricultural development for natural habitats and biodiversity.


1. Farming and wildlife: a perspective on a shared future
2. From weed reservoir to wildlife resource-redefining arable field margins
3. How can field margin management contribute to invertebrate biodiversity?
4. Small mammals on lowland farmland
5. Agri-environment schemes and the future of farmland bird conservation
6. Does organic farming affect biodiversity?
7. Farming for the future: optimizing farming systems for society and the environment
8. Landscape-scale conservation of farmland moths
9. Habitat use by vesper bats: disentangling local and landscape-scale effects within lowland farmland
10. Local and landscape scale management of Odonata
11. Freshwaters and farming: impacts of land use and management on the biodiversity of rivers and ditches
12. Local and landscape-scale impacts of woodland management on wildlife
13. Improving reintroduction success of the Grey Partridge using behavioural studies
14. Water vole restoration in the Upper Thames
15. What does conservation research do, when should it stop, and what do we do then? Questions answered with water voles.
16. What next? Rewilding as a radical future for the British countryside

About the author: 

Jon McCormack, Royal Hospital for Sick Children; Keith Kelly, Royal Hospital for Sick Children

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