Deposit Protection and Bank Resolution

ISBN : 9780198743057

Nikoletta Kleftouri
304 Pages
175 x 253 mm
Pub date
Jul 2015
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This topical and accessible work analyses the deposit protection and bank resolution regimes in the EU and UK. The book examines key amendments to the regulatory framework post crisis, such as the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive, and the impact of these changes on banks, legal practitioners and regulators. The book provides an assessment of current deposit protection schemes and insurance in the context of financial stability, and highlights the UK regime's limitations in relation to the US and EU systems, and possible areas for reform. All issues relating to deposit protection schemes are covered, providing a comprehensive analysis and comparison between the UK, EU and US regimes. Most importantly, a novel approach is followed, which addresses the much discussed objective of financial stability from a different perspective: by enhancing and focusing on depositor protection.


1: Rationales for Creating a Deposit Protection System 2: Deposit Protection Systems' Limitations 3: European Deposit Insurance Framework 4: European Banking Union 5: Recent Cases on Deposit Guarantee Systems 6: International Standards on Deposit Insurance 7: UK Deposit Insurance Framework 8: International and European Regulatory Developments on Bank Resolution 9: UK Special Resolution Regime 10: US Paradigm: Deposit Insurer as the Resolution Authority

About the author: 

Dr Kelftouri is a member of the policy team of the Resolution Directorate at the Bank of England. She holds a doctorate in banking law from the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London. She has published a number of articles on the subject of deposit protection in the leading financial law journals.

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