Understanding Jurisprudence (4th edition)

ISBN : 9780198723868

Raymond Wacks
400 Pages
175 x 247 mm
Pub date
Jan 2015
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With a clear, engaging, and informal style, Understanding Jurisprudence is the perfect guide for students new to legal theory looking for a handy and stimulating starting point to this sometimes daunting subject. Key theories and theorists are introduced in a compact and practicable format, offering an accessible account of the central ideas without oversimplification. Further reading suggestions are included throughout, helping students to structure their research and navigate the jurisprudences extensive literature. Critical questions are also included in each chapter, to encourage students to think analytically about the law and legal theory, and the numerous debates that it generates. Professor Wacks is an experienced teacher of jurisprudence and excels in providing a concise, student-friendly introduction to the subject, without avoiding the subtleties of this fascinating discipline. An extensive Online Resource Centre also accompanies this text (www.oxfordtextbooks.co.uk/orc/wacks4e/) and includes the following resources to support your studies: - Author analysis of topical controversies such as political debates and current legal problems - Interactive self-test glossary of key terms - Additional chapters on approaching the study of jurisprudence, including revision and examination tips - Further reading suggestions, including links to relevant and recent journal articles - Self-test questions on the key ideas from each chapter, with instant feedback


1. What's it all about?
2. Natural law and morality
3. Classical legal positivism
4. Modern legal positivism
5. Dworkin and the moral integrity of law
6. Legal realism
7. Law and social theory
8. Historical and anthropological jurisprudence
9. Theories of justice
10. Rights
11. Why obey the law?
12. Why punish?
13. Critical legal theory
14. Feminist and critical race theory
15. Jurisprudence understood?

About the author: 

Professor Raymond Wacks has taught jurisprudence around the world for over thirty years. He has published more than twenty books and numerous articles on legal philosophy, the right of privacy, and human and animal rights. He is also the author of Law: A Very Short Introduction and Privacy and Media Freedom (both published by Oxford University Press).

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