Oxford Studies in Epistemology: Volume 5

ISBN : 9780198722779

Tamar Szabo Gendler; John Hawthorne
336 Pages
161 x 234 mm
Pub date
Feb 2015
Oxford Studies in Epistemology
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Oxford Studies in Epistemology is a biennial publicaton which offers a regular snapshot of state-of-the-art work in this important field. Under the guidance of a distinguished editorial board composed of leading philosophers in North America, Europe and Australasia, it publishes exemplary papers in epistemology, broadly construed. Topics within its purview include: *traditional epistemological questions concerning the nature of belief, justification, and knowledge, the status of scepticism, the nature of the a priori, etc; *new developments in epistemology, including movements such as naturalized epistemology, feminist epistemology, social epistemology, and virtue epistemology, and approaches such as contextualism; *foundational questions in decision-theory; *confirmation theory and other branches of philosophy of science that bear on traditional issues in epistemology; *topics in the philosophy of perception relevant to epistemology; *topics in cognitive science, computer science, developmental, cognitive, and social psychology that bear directly on traditional epistemological questions; and *work that examines connections between epistemology and other branches of philosophy, including work on testimony and the ethics of belief. Anyone wanting to understand the latest developments at the leading edge of the discipline can start here.


1. Grasping the Third Realm
2. Evidence and Epistemic Evaluation
3. Accuracy, Coherence, and Evidence
4. Fallibilism and Multiple Paths to Knowledge
5. New Rational Reflection and Internalism About Rationality
6. Time-Slice Epistemology and Action Under Indeterminacy
7. When Beauties Disagree: Why Halfers Should Affirm Robust Perspectivalism
8. Knowledge is Belief for Sufficient (Objective and Subjective) Reason
9. Rationality's Fixed Point (Or: In Defense of Right Reason)
10. An Inferentialist Conception of the A Priori

About the author: 

Tamar Szabo Gendler is Professor of Philosophy at Yale University ; John Hawthorne is Waynflete Professor of Metaphysical Philosophy at the University of Oxford

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