History of Christian Dogma: By Ferdinand Christian Baur

ISBN : 9780198719250

Peter C. Hodgson; Peter C. Hodgson; Robert F. Brown
416 Pages
163 x 241 mm
Pub date
Aug 2014
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History of Christian Dogma is a translation of Ferdinand Christian Baur's Lehrbuch der christlichen Dogmengeschichte, second edition, 1858. The Lehrbuch, which Baur himself prepared, summarizes in 400 pages his lectures on the history of Christian dogma, published post-humously in four volumes. Baur, professor of theology at the University of Tubingen from 1826 to 1860, brilliantly applied Hegelian categories to his historical studies in New Testament, church history, and history of Christian dogma. According to Baur, "Dogma" is the rational articulation of the Christian "idea" or principle-the idea that God and humanity are united through Christ and reconciled in the faith of the spiritual community. Following an introduction on the concept and history of the history of dogma, the Lehrbuch treats three main periods: the dogma of the ancient church or the substantiality of dogma; the dogma of the Middle Ages or the dogma of inwardly reflected consciousness; and dogma in the modern era or dogma and free self-consciousness. The entire history is a progression in the self-articulation of dogma through conflict and resolution, moving gradually from objective to subjective forms and to the mediation of subject and object by the philosophers and theologians of the early nineteenth century. The detailed analyses provide a wealth of information on individual thinkers and doctrines that is still relevant today.


Editorial Introduction
History of Christian Dogma
Preface to the First Edition (1847)
Preface to the Second Edition (1858)
First Major Period From the Apostolic Age to the End of the Sixth Century The Dogma of the Ancient Church, or the Substantiality of Dogma
Part 1. From the Apostolic Age to the Council of Nicaea
Part 2. From the Council of Nicaea to the End of the Sixth Century
Second Major Period From the Beginning of the Seventh Century to the Reformation The Dogma of the Middle Ages, or the Dogma of Inwardly Reflected Consciousness
Part 1. From the Beginning of the Seventh Century, or Gregory I, to the Beginning of Scholasticism, or Anselm of Canterbury
Part 2. From the Beginning of Scholasticism to the Reformation
Third Major Period From the Reformation to the Most Recent Times Dogma in the Modern Era, or Dogma and Free Self-Consciousness
Part 1. From the Reformation to the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century
Part 2. From the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century to the Most Recent Times

About the author: 

Peter C. Hodsgon is Emeritus Professor of Theology, Divinity School, Vanderbilt University. With Professor Brown, he co-edited and translated Hegel's Lectures on the Philosophy of World History, Volume I: Manuscripts of the Introduction and the Lectures of 1822-1823 (OUP, 2011).; Robert F. Brown is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy of religion and history of philosophy, University of Delaware. His publications include Hegel: Lectures on the History of Philosophy 1825-6: Volume 1 (2006) and Volume 2 (2009).

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