Health Promotion: Ideology, Discipline, and Specialism

ISBN : 9780198713999

John Kemm
240 Pages
166 x 234 mm
Pub date
Nov 2014
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Health Promotion: Ideology, Discipline, and Specialism is a thorough examination of the field, advancing clear proposals for its development and future, and is essential reading for those needing an understanding of the theoretical background, historical context, or the challenges that health promotion faces today. Health promotion is a term which has been used varyingly to describe an ideology, a discipline, or a profession, and has subtly different meanings when used in each of these ways. Dr John Kemm presents a nuanced understanding of the complexities of the field, and careful consideration of the theoretical and practical difficulties involved. With the core belief that health promotion has a vital contribution to make to the health of populations, this book is packed with the knowledge and tools necessary to help people contribute in real and practical ways to health promotion. Its timely examination of the strategies and legislation of successive governments in the UK informs the ongoing debate on heath policy. The importance of health education is explored, including a look at the new possibilities that technological developments will bring. From the wealth of examples and cases studies used to illustrate the ethical principles underlying health promotion, to the examination of the concepts of environmental and lifestyle determinants of health, it is a comprehensive look at health promotion and will be a perfect resource for practitioners and students alike.


1. Introduction - Mapping the issues
2. A history of health promotion
3. Evidence for health promotion
4. The determinants of health
5. Assessing need and planning
6. What governments can do
7. Supporting individual behaviour change
8. Health education
9. Ethics of health promotion
10. The wider public health workforce
11. Health promotion specialists
12. Settings
13. Community development
14. Social marketing
15. Changing lifestyle with health promotion - Some examples
16. Evaluation
17. Partnership and influencing people and organisations
18. The way forward

About the author: 

John Kemm retired from the English National Health Service in 2010 and is now director of a public health consulting firm JK Public Health Consulting, He has 35 years experience of public health and the NHS, and throughout his career he has been a keen supporter of health promotion. He has held many senior NHS and academic posts including Director of the West Midlands Public Health Observatory, Deputy Regional Director of Health for the West Midlands, Director of Public Health for Health Promotion Wales, Consultant in Public Health Medicine for South Birmingham Health Authority and Senior Lecturer in Public Health and Epidemiology at Birmingham Medical School. Throughout his career he has been a keen supporter of health promotion.

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