Intuition, Theory, and Anti-Theory in Ethics

ISBN : 9780198713227

Sophie Grace Chappell
240 Pages
163 x 240 mm
Pub date
Mar 2015
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What form, or forms, might ethical knowledge take? In particular, can ethical knowledge take the form either of moral theory, or of moral intuition? If it can, should it? These are central questions for ethics today, and they are the central questions for the philosophical essays collected in this volume. Intuition, Theory, and Anti-Theory in Ethics draws together new work by leading experts in the field, in order to represent as many different perspectives on the discussion as possible. The volume is not built upon any kind of tidy consensus about what 'knowledge', 'theory', and 'intuition' mean. Rather, the idea is to explore as many as possible of the different things that knowledge, theory, and intuition could be in ethics.


1. Intuition and genealogy
2. Scepticism about Intuition
3. Obvious intuitions
4. Should generalism be our regulative ideal?
5. Moral faith and moral reason
6. Forgetting the difference between right and wrong
7. Factual mistakes, epistemological virtues and moral errors: a study in Augustine's Confessions
8. Theory and intuition in a broken world
9. Moral certainties
10. Self-evidence, theory, and anti-theory
11. Literature, moral education, and moral philosophy

About the author: 

Sophie Grace Chappell is Professor of Philosophy at The Open University. She was educated at Magdalen College, Oxford, and the Faculty of Divinity in Edinburgh. She has previously taught in universities including Oxford, Manchester, and UEA. She has been a Visiting Professor in Vancouver, Oslo, Reykjavik, St Andrews, Adelaide, and Edinburgh. Since 2000 she has been Treasurer of the Mind Association, and Associate Editor and Reviews Editor of The Philosophical Quarterly. Her books include Understanding Human Goods (Edinburgh University Press, 2003), Reading Plato's Theaetetus (Hackett, 2005), Ethics and Experience (Acumen, 2009), and Knowing What To Do (OUP, 2014). She has published poetry, including (on her website) a translation of Aeschylus' Oresteia.

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