International Law

ISBN : 9780406971173

Paul Eden
320 Pages
Pub date
Apr 2020
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"Butterworths Core Text Series provides students with books which cover the core of a particular subject without over-simplifying and in a way that is accessible, yet authoritative - at an affordable price.International Law examines the main areas of importance in this subject, offering a comprehensive explanation of the general principles of international law with specific chapters on some of the more specialised areas such as international human rights, international criminal law and international environmental law. Essential reading for all undergraduate students studying international law, the text will also be of use to postgraduates by providing a reliable guide to the fundamental principles that underlie the specialised international law subjects."


1. The nature and history of international law
2. The sources of international law
3. The law of treaties
4. International law and national law
5. International legal personality I
6. International legal personality II
7. Territory
8. Jurisdiction
9. Immunities from national jurisdiction
10. State responsibility
11. International law and human rights
12. International criminal law
13. International law of the sea
14. International environmental law
15. The peaceful settlement of disputes
16. The use of force
17. International humanitarian law

About the author: 

Paul Eden, Lecturer in International Commercial Law, University of Sussex

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