Evidence (20th edition)

ISBN : 9780198860426

The City Law School
348 Pages
206 x 292 mm
Pub date
Jun 2020
Bar Manual
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Drawing on the authors' extensive experience at the Bar, Evidence provides an excellent introduction to the essential principles of the law of evidence in both civil and criminal litigation. The manual clearly explains the key rules of evidence, while its practical approach ensures that trainee barristers are prepared to conduct litigation in pupillage and beyond. This manual has been fully revised to cover all recent developments in both civil and criminal evidence, ensuring that the most up-to-date procedure rules and guidelines are included.


1 Fundamentals of evidence
2 Burden and standard of proof
3 Presumptions
4 Witnesses
5 Corroboration and care warnings
6 Examination-in-chief
7 Cross-examination and re-examination
8 Character evidence: civil proceedings
9 Character evidence: the defendant in criminal proceedings
10 Character evidence: persons other than the defendant in criminal proceedings
11 The rule against hearsay: defining 'hearsay'
12 Hearsay evidence in civil proceedings
13 Hearsay evidence in criminal proceedings
14 Confessions and illegally or improperly obtained evidence
15 Lies and silence
16 Identification evidence
17 Opinion evidence
18 Judgments as evidence of the facts on which they are based
19 Privilege and public policy

About the author: 

This manual is edited by Romilly Edge, Barrister, Lecturer, The City Law School and Alexander Mills, Barrister, Associate Professor of Law, The City Law School

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