Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Africa

ISBN : 9780198837336

Marius Schneider; Vanessa Ferguson
1040 Pages
161 x 240 mm
Pub date
May 2020
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Africa is rising: with double-digit growth figures in many countries, its growing middle and upper class, the continent represents an untapped, dynamic, fast-moving and competitive market that businesses can scarcely ignore. Intellectual property right owners are increasingly paying attention to this new African dynamic and have started to invest into African markets. Unfortunately, so have counterfeiters. Taking action against counterfeit and pirated products in Africa is a challenge against which right holders and their representatives often feel overwhelmed. Filling a gap in the market, this is the first book providing a detailed overview of the law and practice in relation to intellectual property rights enforcement in all 54 African countries. For the first time, a comprehensive manual on the conditions and procedures under which the civil and criminal courts, the police and customs take action with regard to counterfeit and pirated goods is available. In order to successfully enforce intellectual property rights in Africa, knowledge of national legislation and procedures, local habits and practices is essential. The book offers a stimulating review of the framework in place for the enforcement of intellectual property rights against pirated and counterfeit goods in all 54 countries and through the two main regional intellectual property organisations, the OAPI and the ARIPO. Arranged in a systematic manner, the reader will find for every jurisdiction information on the factual background, the organisation of the courts, the legal context, the judicial, civil and criminal enforcement of patents, trade marks and copyrights as well as information on the scope, requirements and practical application about customs recordals. Counterfeiting and piracy constitutes a dire problem in Africa but as the book will show, solutions, often unknown and unexplored, do exist. With this publication, the authors aim at demystifying intellectual property rights enforcement in Africa by providing valuable information to right holders, judges, lawyers and law enforcement officials.


1. Introduction- fakes are a real problem in Africa
4. Algeria
5. Angola
6. Benin
7. Botswana
8. Burkina Faso
9. Burundi
10. Cameroon
11. Cape Verde
12. Central African Republic
13. Chad
14. Comoros
15. Congo (Republic of)
16. Djibouti
17. Democratic Republic of the Congo
18. Egypt
19. Equatorial Guinea
20. Eritrea
21. Eswatini
22. Ethiopia
23. Gabon
24. Gambia (The)
25. Ghana
26. Guinea
27. Guinea-Bissau
28. Kenya
29. Ivory Coast
30. Kenya
31. Lesotho
32. Liberia
33. Libya
34. Madagascar
35. Malawi
36. Mali
37. Mauritania
38. Mauritius
39. Morocco
40. Mozambique
41. Namibia
42. Niger
43. Rwanda
44. Sao Tome and Principe
45. Senegal
46. Seychelles
47. Sierra Leone
48. Somalia (including Somaliland)
49. South Africa
50. South Sudan
51. Sudan
52. Tanzania (Mainland Tanzania & Zanzibar)
53. Togo
54. Tunisia
55. Uganda
56. Zambia
57. Zimbabwe

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