Reading Max Weber's Sociology of Law

ISBN : 9780198837329

Hubert Treiber
208 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Aug 2020
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Reading Max Weber's Sociology of Law serves both as an introduction and as a distillation of more than thirty years of reading and reflection on Weber's scholarship. It provides a solid and comprehensive introduction to Weber and sets out his main concepts. Drawing on recent research in the history of law, this book also presents and critiques the process by which the law was rationalized and which Weber divided into four ideal-typical stages of development. Hubert Treiber provides commentary in a manner informed both historically and sociologically. The book explores Weber's concepts in relation to the creation of laws between secular the religious powers. The book goes on to examine the codifications that were undertaken by Prussian absolutism and Napoleon in the Code Civil. It further covers Weber's thoughts on antiformal legal tendencies, issues that are still prevalent in law today. This text is no mere reiteration of Weber's concepts. The volume contextualizes Weber's work in the light of current research, setting out to amend misinterpretations and misunderstandings that have prevailed from Weber's original texts. Treiber's introduction is much more than a simple guide through a complicated text. It is an important work in its own right and critical for any student of the sociology of law.


Introduction: Questions of Dating
1 Terminological Discussion: Juristic and Sociological Notions of Law and Validity, Order and the Legal Order
2 Weber's Aims in the 'Sociology of Law'
3 Developmental Stages of the Law and of the Legal Process
Conclusion: Weber's Theory of Legal Rationalization - A Summary

About the author: 

Hubert Treiber is Professor Emeritus of Administrative Sciences at the Leibniz University of Hannover. He has published widely on Max Weber and worked on Friedrich Nietzsche and Paul Ree. He has also published in the field of public administration, the implementation of law and the history of science. In 1986/87 he was Jean-Monnet-Fellow at the European University Institute (Florence), and in 1991 he received a scholarship from the Beinecke Rare Manuscript Library/Yale University Library. In April 2000, he was awarded the national academic prize for 'Law and Society', endowed by the Christa-Hoffmann-Riem Foundation, from the Deutsche Vereinigung fur Rechtssoziologie (lawyers' association). This prize promotes 'the valuable application of social science research in legal contexts'. In 2018, his book Max Webers Rechtssoziologie - eine Einladung zur Lekture was honoured by the Borsenverein des deutchen Buchhandels and the F. Thyssen-Stiftung.

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