Interactive Visual Ideas for Musical Classroom Activities: Tips for Music Teachers

ISBN : 9780190929862

Catherine Dwinal
152 Pages
178 x 254 mm
Pub date
Aug 2020
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The digital interactive projection system is a staple of nearly every music classroom in the United States. By allowing teachers to show students methods and outcomes from a computer, these systems have become a necessity for reaching students who grew up as digital natives. But, as author and distinguished music educator Catherine Dwinal demonstrates, such systems can be much more meaningful pedagogical tools than simple replacements for chalkboards. In this book, she offers practical tips, tricks, resources, and 50 activities ideal to use alongside classroom projection systems. She focuses especially on tips and activities for beginning teachers, giving them the confidence to take a step out of their comfort zone and learn new ways of engaging students with technology. More than this, she provides reference materials that will serve as a trusted reference resource for years to come.


1. I Can Do These Tomorrows
2. Projectors
3. Interactive Boards and TVs
4. Document Cameras
5. Streaming Media Players
6. Resources Index

About the author: 

Catherine Dwinal is a seasoned conference presenter having presented in several states across the country, a music education blogger, and a technology coach. As an advocate for music and 21st-century education, Dwinal continues her mission to help music educators across the country with implementing technology resources into their classroom.

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