Grassroots Stewardship: Sustainability Within Reach

ISBN : 9780190081195

F Stuart Chapin, III
232 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Jul 2020
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In a society more concerned with how to cope with existential dread than how to make actionable change to save the planet, a surprisingly large number of Americans identify as environmentalists. What can individual people do to lessen the human impact of the planet, though? This is not an easy question. Most research is focused on large-scale changes that go beyond anything an individual can accomplish, and people are left feeling defeated rather than inspired to make changes in their everyday lives. Change starts at home, and F Stuart Chapin III has assembled a book for people who want to learn more about climate change and, more importantly, he explains what they can do about it starting today. Grassroots Stewardship approaches our current situation with an educated sense of hope and positivity. This book emphasizes actions by individuals, rather than governmental or corporate institutions, to trigger transformational change. Readers will learn what they can do to most significantly transform their communities and the planet with more sustainable pathways.


Section 1: Integrating the Needs of Nature and Society
Chapter 1: Shaping the Future Wisely
Chapter 2: Sustaining Natural Change
Chapter 3: Linking People With Nature
Chapter 4: Tackling Climate Change
Chapter 5: Choosing to Live Well
Section 2: Grassroots Actions
Chapter 6: Individual Actions: What Can I Do?
Chapter 7: Dialogues for Solutions
Chapter 8: Collaborating for Shared Goals
Chapter 9: Strengthening Democracy
Chapter 10: Earth Stewardship
Notes and References
Glossary: Informal Definitions of Key Terms Used in This Book
Appendix: Published Guides for Climate Action
Notes and References
Glossary: Informal Definitions of Key Terms Used in This Book
Sources for Table and Figures
Index $ RNK
PDX $ Conservation of the environment
Environmentalist thought & ideology
Social impact of environmental issues
History of science

About the author: 

F Stuart Terry Chapin, III, is Professor Emeritus of Ecology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. In addition to his over 500 peer-reviewed scientific papers, he has written leading texts in ecosystem stewardship, ecosystem ecology, and plant physiological ecology. He received the Volvo Environment Prize in 2019.

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