Stuck: How Vaccine Rumors Start - and Why They Don't Go Away

ISBN : 9780190077242

Heidi J. Larson
224 Pages
140 x 210 mm
Pub date
Aug 2020
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Vaccine reluctance and refusal are no longer limited to the margins of society. Debates around vaccines' necessity - along with quesitons around their side effects - have gone mainstream, blending with geopolitical conflicts, political campaigns, celebrity causes, and "natural" lifestyles to win a growing number of hearts and minds. Today's anti-vaccine positions find audiences where they've never existed previously. Stuck examines how the issues surrounding vaccine hesitancy are, more than anything, about people feeling left out of the conversation. A new dialogue is long overdue, one that addresses the many types of vaccine hesitancy and the social factors that perpetuate them. To do this, Stuck provides a clear-eyed examination of the social vectors that transmit vaccine rumors, their manifestations around the globe, and how these individual threads are all connected.


Chapter One: An Overview
Chapter Two: The psychology of crowds
Chapter Three: On freedom of choice and voice
Chapter Four: On risks, rumors, and the contagion of panic
Chapter Five: Back to Nature
Conclusion: Missing the Point

About the author: 

HEIDI J. LARSON, PhD, is Professor of Anthropology, Risk, and Decision Science and Director of the Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine; she holds a concurrent position as Clinical Professor of Health Metrics Sciences at the University of Washington. She was previously an Associate Professor in International Development at Clark University and a Research Fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health's Center for Population and Development Studies.

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