The Oxford Handbook of Archaeology

ISBN : 9780198855200

Barry Cunliffe; Chris Gosden; Rosemary A. Joyce
1184 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
May 2020
Oxford Handbooks
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Archaeology is a vast subject - it is the study of human society everywhere in the world, from distant human origins 3-4 million years ago up to the present day. The Oxford Handbook of Archaeology brings together 35 authors - all specialists in their own fields - to explain what archaeology is really about. This is one of the most comprehensive treatments of the subject and of the key debates ever attempted. It is designed to open up the world of archaeology to non-specialists and to provide an essential starting point for those who want to pursue particular topics in more depth.


Barry Cunliffe: Introduction
1. The Name and Nature of Archaeology
Kristian Kristiansen: The discipline of archaeology
Robin Boast: The formative century, 1860-1960
Matthew H. Johnson: The theoretical scene, 1960-2000
Andy Jones: Into the future
Marcia-Anne Dobres: Technologies
2. Tools of the Trade
A. M. Pollard: Measuring the passage of time, achievements and challenges in archaeological dating
Gary Lock: Human activity in a spatial context
Roger White: Data collection by excavation
M. S. Tite: Mastering materials
3. Early Humans
Jonathan Marks: The nature of humanness
Nicholas Toth & Kathy Schick: Early hominids
William Davies: The emergence of Home sapiens sapiens
Paul Pettitt: The Neanderthals
Steven Mithen: Peopling the world
4. Strategies for Survival
Peter Mitchell: Hunters and gatherers
Graeme Barker: Early farming and domestication
Robert Hedges: Studying diet
5. Complex Societies and the Formation of Early States
Ian Morris: Cultural complexity
Robin Skeates: Trade and interaction
Li Liu: China: state formation and urbanization
Elizabeth M. Brumfiel: Mesoamerica
Terence N. D'Altroy: The central Andean region in prehistory
6. Some Regional Overviews
Cyprian Broodbank: The Mediterranean and its hinterland
Innocent Pikirayi: The archaeology of sub-Saharan Africa: an overview
Georgina Herrmann: Pre-Islamic Central Asia
Bryan C. Hood: The Circumpolar zone
S. Nelson: East Asia
Lesley Head, Harry Allen, Tim Denham & Richard Fullagar: Australasia
Chris Gosden: Pacific Islands
Charles R. Cobb & Randall H. McGuire: North America
P. P. Funari, A. Zarankin & E. Stovel: South American archaeology
7. Issues and Debates
Jonathan Williams: Indigenous voices and repatriation
Roberta Gilchrist: Sex and gender
Stephanie Moser: Archaeological representation: the consumption and creation of the past
Yvonne Marshall: Community archaeology

About the author: 

Barry Cunliffe, Emeritus Professor of European Archaeology, University of Oxford; Chris Gosden, Professor of European Archaeology, University of Oxford; Rosemary A. Joyce, Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of California at Berkeley

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