Just Property: Volume Three: Property in an Age of Ideologies

ISBN : 9780198787105

Christopher Pierson
356 Pages
153 x 234 mm
Pub date
May 2020
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Alongside environmental degradation (and closely related to it), the globally unequal distribution of wealth is one of the key political problems of our age. Anyone who wants to understand (and fix) this problem has to understand how and why property is distributed in the way that it is. Explaining this is the core task of Just Property. This third volume brings the property story right up to the present. The book concludes by returning to the project's opening questions about property and inequality and about property under the imperative of growth to limits. and judges that we need, as a political community, to re-think the ways in which we allocate property and suggests some of the ways in which we could do this.


1 Liberals I
2 Liberals II
3 Libertarians I
4 Libertarians II
5 Social Democrats I
6 Social Democrats II
7 Radical Conservatives I
8 Radical Conservatives II
9 Feminists I
10 Feminists II

About the author: 

Christopher Pierson has been Professor of Politics at the University of Nottingham since 1996. He has held visiting positions at the Australian National University, the University of California, Santa Barbara, Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore), the University of Auckland, and at the Hansewissenschaftskolleg in Lower Saxony. He has published extensively on the themes of the welfare state, the problems of social democracy and, over the last decade, on the politics of property.

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