The Business of Scholarly Publishing: Managing in Turbulent Times

ISBN : 9780190626235

Albert N. Greco
216 Pages
140 x 210 mm
Pub date
May 2020
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The financial, technological, and institutional challenges facing scholarly presses are more critical now than they have ever been. Sales channels have narrowed, costs have risen, and technological change and the push toward open access have drastically changed the economic landscape. However, the publishing and dissemination of scholarly books and journals remains essential to academic research. How are publishers adapting this evolving environment?

In The Business of Scholarly Publishing, Albert N. Greco examines this question through a detailed analysis of the business of the scholarly publishing in the United States since World War II. Drawing on an extensive review of the literature, statistical sources, and real examples from the author's experience in the industry, this book analyzes the changing circumstances of scholarly publishing. Greco turns a critical eye to the product, price, placement, promotion, and costs of scholarly books and journals with a primary emphasis on the trajectory over the last ten years. By including books, journals, pre-prints, and online repositories, the book covers the diverse range of academic publications and explains how publishers can address contemporary challenges across formats. Greco also pays special attention to the history and development of scholarly books and journals, intellectual property issues, contracts, and the impact of technology.

The first study wholly devoted to the subject, The Business of Scholarly Publishing offers critical insights into the evolving business strategies and structures of a resilient industry.


Chapter 1: The Changing Environment for Scholarly Publishing
Chapter 2: The Product and Pricing of Scholarly Journals
Chapter 3: The Promotion and Placement of Scholarly Journals
Chapter 4: The Product and Pricing of Scholarly Books
Chapter 5: The Changing World of Scholarly Books: The Impact of Technology, Money Flows, Open Access, and Libraries as Publishers
Chapter 6: Managing in Turbulent Times: Toward New Business Strategies in Scholarly Publishing

About the author: 

Albert N. Greco is Professor of Marketing at Fordham University's Gabelli School of Business. He is the author or editor of 16 scholarly books and 10 professional books, 33 journal articles, and 25 book chapters. In addition to serving on the editorial board of three scholarly journals, Greco has also done extensive consulting work for Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan, among others. His books include The Economics of Publishing and Information Industries, The Book Publishing Industry, and The Culture and Commerce of Book Publishing in the 21st Century.

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