Scholars of Faith: South Asian Muslim Women and the Embodiment of Religious Knowledge

ISBN : 9780190120801

Usha Sanyal
409 Pages
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Pub date
May 2020
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Scholars of Faith will fill a gap in the field of religious education for women in the Muslim world, a subject of considerable importance today. While a number of recent studies shed light on the history of religious education for Muslim boys and men, women's education is a neglected field. This book joins a small number of studies of Indian madrasas for girls, namely, Winkelmann 2005 and Borker 2018. Additionally, it examines an online Qur'an class by Al-Huda International that caters to South Asian Muslim women. This class is truly international, being streamed from Canada, with students from North America, Europe, the UAE, and South Asia. The book thus addresses issues related to South Asian Muslim women's education across a spectrum of formats, social classes, and national contexts, and will therefore be relevant to studies of global Islam.


Part 1: Iman, Ahkam, Adab
1: Muslim Girls' Education in North India in the Twentieth Century and Beyond
2: Jami'a Nur al-Shari'at, a Barelwi Girls' Madrasa in U.P., India
3: Pedagogy and Daily Life at Jami'a Nur al-Shari'at
4: Attachment to School: The Madrasa and the Islamic Public School for Girls Compared
5: Life after the Madrasa
Part II: Iman, Ahkam, Da'wa
6: Al-Huda International: Muslim Women Empower Themselves through Online Study of the Qur'an
7: Al-Huda's Intellectual Foundations
8: Al-Huda Onsite and Online: Teacher-Learners and Students in North America
9: Student Narratives: Personal Transformations and Reorientations
Conclusion: Why Now?
About the Author

About the author: 

Usha Sanyal is an independent scholar whose prior research has focused on the history of the Barelwi or Ahl-i Sunnat wa Jama'at movement in British India. Her book, Devotional Islam: Ahmad Riza Khan Barelwi and His Movement is in its 3rd edition (Yoda Press, 2013). She lives and teaches in North Carolina.

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