Building Better Social Programs: How Evidence Is Transforming Public Policy

ISBN : 9780190945572

David Stoesz
324 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Feb 2020
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Evidence-based policymaking has, in recent decades, become a focus of program innovation in social care that engages foundations, universities, and state and federal governments. Rigorous research, epitomized by Randomized Controlled Trials, has become the benchmark for demonstrating efficacy and efficiency in social programming. Building Better Social Programs situates evidence-based policymaking with respect to the welfare state, describes key organizations driving the evidence-based movement, and proposes innovations designed to extend benefits to the working class. In addition to providing case studies of cost-effective programs delivering positive outcomes, this volume will include interviews with luminaries who have propelled the evidence-based policy movement. It serves as essential reading for faculty, graduate students, program managers, and foundation program officers.


Chapter 1. The Welfare State on Autopilot

Chapter 2. Wednesday's Children

Chapter 3. Poor Policy

Chapter 4. Starving the Beast

Chapter 5. The Nurse Family Partnership

Chapter 6. The Abecedarian Project

Chapter 7. Year Up

Chapter 8. Arnold Ventures

Chapter 9. The Jameel-Poverty Action Lab

Chapter 10. American Development Accounts

Chapter 11. Up$tart

Chapter 12. A Refundable Volunteer Tax Credit

Chapter 13. In$ync

Chapter 14. Silver Bullets and Other Obstacles

Chapter 15. Innovation

About the author: 

David Stoesz, PhD, MSW, is a recognized expert in social policy, having published books on welfare reform, child welfare, international development, and the welfare state. He is the founder of Up$tart, an innovative firm that bundles social benefits for low-income college students.

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