Canadian Democracy (9th edition)

ISBN : 9780199032501

Stephen Brooks
632 Pages
203 x 254 mm
Pub date
Apr 2020
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What is the state of democracy in Canada? This is the central question of Stephen Brookss best-selling introduction to Canadian politics textbook, Canadian Democracy. In this revised ninth edition, Brooks continues to explore the characteristics and controversies associated with Canadian politics. He begins by addressing the social and economic contexts of the countrys politics before covering the basic elements and structures of government (e.g., the constitution, federalism, and the administrative state), political participation, and the current issues and challenges in Canadian political life. Highlights of this revised edition include: comprehensive updates throughout to bring readers the latest data, research, and analysis of current events; additional coverage of such topics as multiculturalism and interculturalism in Quebec, current trends in political communication, and Canadian foreign policy.

This edition features a revised ancillary suite for students and instructors that includes podcasts, a test generator, an instructors manual, PowerPoint slides, and a student study guide. The ninth edition of Canadian Democracy is also available with an e-version of the textbook, flashcards of key terms and definitions, the Constitution Acts, 1867 & 1982 (including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms), and simulation activities that speak to Canadian politics, governance, and institutions.


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Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Political Life

Part II: The Societal Context of Politics

Chapter 2: Political Culture

Chapter 3: The Social and Economic Setting

Chapter 4: Diversity and Multiculturalism

Chapter 5: Regionalism and Canadian Politics

Part III: The Structures of Governance

Chapter 6: The Constitution

Chapter 7: Rights and Freedoms

Chapter 8: Federalism

Chapter 9: The Machinery of Government

Chapter 10: The Administrative State

Part IV: Participation in Politics

Chapter 11: Parties and Elections

Chapter 12: Interest Groups

Chapter 13: The Media

bPart V: Contemporary Issues in Canadian Political Life

Chapter 14: Language Politics

Chapter 15:Women and Politics

Chapter 16: Indigenous Politics

Chapter 17: Canada in the World




About the author: 

Stephen Brooks is a professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Windsor, where he teaches in the areas of Canadian politics, public administration, and American politics. His research interests include the political influence of intellectuals, political thought in Canada and the United States, and foreign perceptions of American politics.

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