Oxford Studies in Experimental Philosophy Volume 3

ISBN : 9780198852520

Tania Lombrozo; Joshua Knobe; Shaun Nichols
320 Pages
135 x 216 mm
Pub date
Mar 2020
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The new field of experimental philosophy has emerged as the methods of psychological science have been brought to bear on traditional philosophical issues. Oxford Studies in Experimental Philosophy is the place to go to see outstanding new work in the field.

It features papers by philosophers, papers by psychologists, and papers co-authored by people in both disciplines. The series heralds the emergence of a truly interdisciplinary field in which people from different disciplines are working together to address a shared set of questions. The papers in this third volume illustrate the ways in which the field continues to broaden, taking on new methodological approaches and interacting with substantive theories from an ever wider array of disciplines. Some recent research in experimental philosophy is going more deeply into well-established questions in the field, while other strands of research are exploring issues that scarcely appeared in the field even a few years ago. Thus, we see the introduction of new empirical and statistical methods (network analysis), new theoretical approaches (formal semantics), and the development of entirely new interdisciplinary connections (in the emerging field of "experimental jurisprudence").


Tania Lombrozo, Joshua Knobe, and Shaun Nichols: Introduction

1 Raff Donelson and Ivar Hannikainen: Fuller and the Folk: The Inner Morality of Law Revisited

2 Emily Sullivan, Max Sondag, Ignaz Rutter, Wouter Meulemans, Scott Cunningham, Bettina Speckmann, and Mark Alfano: Can Real Social Epistemic Networks Deliver the Wisdom of Crowds?

3 Dylan Murray: Maggots are Delicious, Sunsets Hideous: False, or Do you Just Disagree? Data on Truth Relativism about Judgments of Personal Taste and Aesthetics

4 Mario Attie-Picker: Does Scepticism Lead to Tranquility? Exploring a Pyrrhonian theme

5 Hannah Tierney: The Subscript View: A Distinct View of Distinct Selves

6 David Rose et al.: The Ship of Theseus Puzzle

7 Vilius Dranseika: False Memories and Quasi-Memories are Memories

8 Chad Gonnerman, Lee Poag, Logan Redden, Jacob Robbins, and Stephen Crowley: In Our Shoes or the Protagonist's? Knowledge, Justification, and Projection

9 Shaylene Nancekivell and Ori Friedman: I Owe you an Explanation: Children's Beliefs about When People are Obligated to Explain Their Actions

10 Pascale Willemsen: The Relevance of Alternate Possibilities for Moral Responsibility for Actions and Omissions

11 Alex Wiegmann, Joachim Horvath, and Karina Meyer: Intuitive Expertise and Irrelevant Options

About the author: 

Tania Lombrozo is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. Her research combines methods and insights from philosophy and psychology to address questions about explanation and understanding, learning, causal reasoning, conceptual representation, and social cognition. She is also a regular blogger for NPR's 13.7: Cosmos & Culture.; Joshua Knobe is a professor at Yale University, appointed both in the Program in Cognitive Science and in the Department of Philosophy. Much of his research is concerned with the impact of moral judgments on people's intuitions about matters that might at first appear to be entirely non-moral in nature.; Shaun Nichols is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona. His books include Sentimental Rules (2004), Bound (2014) and, co-authored with Stephen Stich, Mindreading (2003). His current research focuses on the psychological underpinnings of philosophical problems.

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