EU Law of Economic & Monetary Union

ISBN : 9780198793748

Fabian Amtenbrink; Christoph Hermann
1648 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
Apr 2020
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Presenting a sweeping analysis of the legal foundations, institutions, and substantive legal issues in EU monetary integration, The EU Law of Economic and Monetary Union serves as an authoritative reference on the legal framework of European economic and monetary union.

The book opens by setting out the broader contexts for the European project - historical, economic, political, and regarding the international framework. It goes on to examine the constitutional architecture of EMU; the main institutions and their legal powers; the core legal provisions of monetary and economic union; and the relationship of EMU with EU financial market and banking regulation. The concluding section analyses the current EMU crisis and the main avenues of future reform.


1 Fabian Amtenbrink and Christoph Herrmann: Introduction

Part I Interdisciplinary Foundations

2 Emmanual Mourlon-Druol: History of an Uncomplete EMU

3 Donato Masciandaro and Davide Romelli: Economics of European Monetary Integration

4 Erik Jones: Politics of European Monetary Integration

Part II International Legal Framework

5 Ramses Wessel and Shawn Donnelly: The International Dimension of the EMU: the Interplay Between the Global Financial Stability Architecture and the European Union

6 Marise Cremona and Paivi Leino-Sandberg: External Relations of the EU and Eurogroup

7 Marise Cremona and Paivi Leino-Sandberg: International Agreements of the EU/Euro Area

Part III Constitutional Foundations

8 Cornelia Manger-Nestler: The Architecture of EMU

9 Dariusz Adamski: Objective and Principles

10 Charles Proctor: Substantive Legal Obligations for Euro area Member States

11 Bruno de Witte: EMU as Constitutional Law

12 Francesco Martucci: Non-EU Legal Instruments

13 Francesco Costamagna: EMU and the EU Social Dimension

Part IV Institutions and Bodies

14 Michael Ioannidis: ECB

15 Julian Langner: ESCB/Eurosystem/National Central Banks

16 Alberto de Gregorio Merino and Eurgenia Dumutriu: EU Institutions Representing Member States' Governments

17 Rene Repasi: European Parliament and National Parliaments

18 Kees van Duin: European Commission

19 Daniel Sermiento and Moritz Hartmann: European Monetary Union and the Courts

20 Jennifer Payne: The Institutional Design of Financial Supervision and Financial Stability

Part V Monetary Union

21 Robert Freitag: Euro as Legal Tender and Banknotes

22 Klaus Tuori: Monetary Policy

23 Alexander Thiele: Foreign-exchange Operations of the ECB and Exchange-Rate Policy

24 Phoebus Athanassiou: Payment Systems

25 Ulla Neergaard: ERM II

26 Rosa Lastra and Georgios Psaroudakis: Prudentional Supervisory Tasks

VI Economic Union

27 Jean-Paul Keppene: Economic Policy Coordination: Foundations, Structures and Objectives

28 Jean-Paul Keppene: Economic Fiscal Governance on the Member States: The Stability and Growth Pact and Beyond

29 Leo Flynn: Non-fiscal Surveillance of the Member States

30 Ulrich Forsthoff and Nathalie Lauer: Policy Conditionality Attached to ESM Financial Assistance

Part VII Financial Assistance

31 Wolfgang Bergthaler and Katherine Chistopherson: IMF

32 Vestert Borger: EU Financial Assistance

33 Ulrich Forsthoff and Jasper Aerts: Euro Area

34 Alexander Thiele: Financial Assistance for Non-Euro Area Member States

Part VIII Financial Markets and Banking Union

35 Kern Alexander: Financial Market Integration and EMU

36 Kern Alexander: Financial Market Regulation in the Internal Market

37 Christoph Ohler: Banking Supervision

38 Christos V Gortsos: Banking Resolution: The EU Framework Governing the Resolution of Credit Institutions

39 Till Muller-Ibold: State Aid for Financial Institutions

Part IX Crisis and Future of EMU

40 Christos Hadjiemmanuil: Euro in Crisis: 2008 - 18

41 Alicia Hinarejos: Legality of Crisis Responses

42 Paul Craig and Menelaos Markakis: EMU Reform

About the author: 

Fabian Amtenbrink is Vice Dean and Professor of European Union Law at the Erasmus School of Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam. ; Christoph Hermann is Professor at the University of Passau and Academic Director of the Certificate of European, Comparative and International Law (CECIL) at Passau.

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