Communicating & Relating: Constituting Face in Everyday Interacting

ISBN : 9780190210199

Robert B. Arundale
496 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Feb 2020
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Communicating & Relating offers an account of how relating with one another emerges in communicating in everyday interacting. Prior work has indicated that human relationships arise in human communicating, and some studies have made arguments for why that is the case. Communicating & Relating moves beyond this work to offer an account of how both relating and face emerge in everyday talk and conduct: what comprises human communicating, what defines human social systems, how the social and the individual are linked in human life, and what comprises human relating and face.

Part 1 develops the Conjoint Co-constituting Model of Communicating to address the question "How do participants constitute turns, actions, and meanings in everyday interacting?" Part 2 argues that the processes of constituting what is known cross-culturally as "face" are the processes of constituting relating, and develops Face Constituting Theory to address the question "How do participants constitute relating in everyday interacting?" The answers to both questions are grounded in evidence from everyday talk and conduct. Like other volumes in the Foundations of Human Interaction series, Communicating & Relating offers new perspectives and new research on communicative interaction and on human relationships as key elements of human sociality.



1 Two Projects: Communicating and Relating


2 What is Social in Communicating

3 The Conjoint Co-constituting Model of Communicating

4 What is Individual in Communicating

5 Conjointly Co-constituting the Social and the Individual in Communicating

6 Conjoint Co-constituting's Implications


7 Conjointly Co-constituting Relating

8 Face Constituting Theory

9 Conjointly Co-constituting Relating and Face in Everyday Interacting

10 Researching Relating and Face in Everyday Interacting

11 Conjoint Co-constituting, Constituting Face, and Future Research

Appendix 2 - An Alternate Representation of Conjoint Co-constituting

Appendix 3 - An Algorithm for Autonomous Co-constituting in Conjoint



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About the author: 

Robert B. Arundale is Professor Emeritus of Communication at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA. His research involves issues in language and social interaction related to understanding everyday language use in interpersonal communication. Recent publications focus on re-conceptualizing understandings of human communication and of human relating in view of research in conversation analysis.

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