Greek Historical Inscriptions 478-404 BC

ISBN : 9780198854456

Robin Osborne; P. J. Rhodes
672 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Mar 2020
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This volume is both a companion to the editors' Greek Historical Inscriptions, 404-323 BC, and a successor to the later part of the Selection of Greek Historical Inscriptions to the End of the Fifth Century BC, edited by Russell Meiggs and David M. Lewis and published in 1969. As with the editors' earlier collection, it seeks to make a selection of historically significant inscribed texts accessible to scholars and students of fifth-century Greek history.

Since the publication of Meiggs and Lewis' collection, a number of significant new inscriptions and fragments have been unearthed and new interpretations of previously known examples developed. As well as updating the scholarly corpus, this volume aims to broaden the thematic range of inscriptions discussed and to include a greater selection of material from outside Athens, while still adhering to the intention of presenting texts which are important not just as typical of their genre but in their own right. In doing so, it offers an entry point to all aspects of fifth-century history, from political and institutional, to social, economic, and religious, and in order to make the material as accessible as possible for a broad readership concerned with the study of these areas, the Greek texts are presented here alongside both English translations and incisive commentaries, which will be of utility both to the specialist academic and to those less familiar with the areas in question. The inclusion of photographs depicting inscribed stones and bronzes complements discussion of the inscriptions themselves and enables parallel consideration of their nature, appearance, and transmission history, resulting in a work of thoroughly comprehensive, cutting-edge scholarship and an invaluable reference text for the study of fifth-century Greek history.

Shortlisted for the 2018 Runciman Award, awarded by the Anglo-Hellenic League.



List of plates

List of abbreviations and notes on references


101 Victory of Hieron of Syracuse at Cyme, c. 474/3

102 Public curses at Teos and Abdera, 480-450

103 Thasian laws relating to wine, c. 470/420

104 Thasian regulation of behaviour in the streets, 460s

105 Micythus' dedications at Olympia, c. 460

106 Eleusinian regulations, before 460

107 Decree of the Athenian deme Scambonidae, c. 460

108 Athenian decree concerning the genos of the Praxiergidai, 450s to 420s

109 Casualty-list of the Athenian tribe Erechtheis, 459

110 Samians fight in Egypt, c. 460 454

111 Casualty list of the Argives killed at Tanagra, 458 or 457

112 Thank-offering for the Victory of Tanagra, 458 or 457

113 An Athenian dead on Aegina, after c. 457

114 A victory of Selinus, fifth century

115 A sacred law from Selinus, 450s

116 Athenian dealings with the Delphic Amphictyony, c. 457

117 Thessalian dedications after the battle of Tanagra, c. 457

118 Thetonium in Thessaly honours a Corinthian, c. 450-425

119 Athenian tribute quota lists, 454/3-432/1

120 Athenian judicial relations with Phaselis, before c. 450 (?)

121 Athenian regulations for Erythrae, late 450s

122 Regulations from Erythrae, c. late 450s

123 Political expulsions from Miletus, c. 450-440

124 Lead tablets from Camarina, c. 450

125 Civil laws of Gortyn, c. 450

126 Relations between Argos, Cnossus, and Tylissus, c. 450

127 Elis honours a Spartan and a Euboean, c. 450

128 Treaty between Sparta and the Erxadieis, c. 450(?)

129 Athenian casualty list, c. 447

130 Athenian campaign in the Megarid, 446

131 Athenian relations with Chalcis, 446/5 or 424/3

132 Halicarnassian law concerning disputed property, c. 450

133 Land confiscation and its consequences on Chios, c. 479-450

134 Accounts of Nemesis of Rhamnous, c. 450-440

135 Accounts of Pheidias' statue of Athena, 447-438

136 Cypress from Carpathus, 445-430

137 Athens' appointment of a priestess and building of a temple to Athena Nike, c. 438 or 450 445

138 Payments for Athens' Samian war, 440 and 439

139 Athenian treaty with Samos, 439

140 Victory of Taras over Thurii, c. 443-433

141 Athenian decree regulating the offering of first-fruits at Eleusis, c. 435 or earlier

142 Athenian colony at Brea, 430s (?)

143 Religious decree of Miletus, 434/3

144 Athenian financial decrees, 434/3

145 Building accounts of the Parthenon, 434/3

146 Calendar of sacrifices from the Athenian deme of Thoricus, c. 430

147 Accounts of the Delian Temples, 434-432

148 Payments for Athens' expeditions to Corcyra, 433/2

149 Reaffirmed Athenian alliances with Rhegium and Leontini, 433/2

150 Athenian decrees for Methone, 430/29-424/3

151 Contributions to a Spartan war fund, c. 427-412

152 Athenian decree proposed by Cleonymus about Delian League tribute, 426/5 (?)

153 Athenian decree proposed by Thudippus for the reassessment of Delian League tribute, 425/4

154 Athenian decree proposed by Cleinias about Delian League tribute, 425/4 or slightly later (?)

155 Athenian decree enforcing the use of Athenian coins, weights, and measures, c. 425-415

156 Athenian decree concerning the priestess of Athena Nike, 424/3

157 Athens honours Heracleides of Clazomenae, 423 or later

158 Regulations on the duties of envoys sent to Delphi by Andros, inscribed at Delphi, c. 425

159 Decree of the Athenian deme Plotheia, c. 420

160 Loans to the Athenian state from the sacred treasuries, 426/5-423/2

161 Athens honours Polypeithes of Siphnos, 422/1

162 Athens honours Callippus of Thessaly, 422/1

163 Naupactians and Messenians, c. 420s

164 Thank-offering of the Messenians and Naupactians, c. 423

165 Alliance of Athens, Argos, Mantinea, and Elis, 420

166 Athenian Treaties with Egesta and Halicyae, 418/7-416/5

167 Athenian decree about the sanctuary of Neleus, Basile, and Codrus, 418/7

168 Athenian tribute quota-list, 418/7 (?)

169 Inventory of the treasures in the hekatompedon at Athens, 418/7

170 Payments from the treasury of Athena, 418/7-415/4

171 Athenian decrees relating to the Sicilian expedition, 415

172 Confiscated property of the Hermocopidae, 414

173 Oligarchic Athens honours Pythophanes, 411

174 Payments from the treasury of Athena, 411

175 Eretria thanks Hegelochus for assistance in its liberation from Athens, 411

176 Rewards for denouncing uprisings at Thasos, 411-409 (?)

177 Thasian supporters of democracy and Athens, after 411

178 Theozotides and the Athenian orphans, c. 410

179 Gravestone of the Athenian Myrrhine, c. 410

180 Payments from the treasury of Athena, 410/09

181 Erechtheum building accounts, 409/8 and 408/7

182 Athens honours the assassins of Phrynichus, 410/09

183 Republication of Athenian Laws, 410/09-400/399

184 Athens honours Oeniades of (Palae)Sciathus, 408/7

185 Athenian ratification of Alcibiades' treaty with Selymbria, 407

186 Ratification of an Athenian treaty with the Clazomenians at Daphnus, 407

187 Athens honours Neapolis in Thrace, 409-407

188 Athens honours Archelaus of Macedon, 407/6

189 An Athenian decree concerning Carthage, 406

190 List of sailors in Athenian triremes, 412-405

191 Athens honours the Samians, 405/4

192 Thank-offering for victory at Aegospotami, shortly after 405

193 Monument of the Lycian dynast Gergis, late fifth century

194 Funeral law from Iulis on Ceos, late fifth century

195 Monetary pact between Mytilene and Phocaea, late fifth century (?)

Athenian archons, 478/7-404/3

Concordance of standard editions


Index I: Persons and places

Index II: Subjects

Index III: Significant Greek words

About the author: 

Robin Osborne studied at Cambridge and taught at the University of Oxford from 1986 until 2001, before taking up his present position as Professor of Ancient History at the University of Cambridge, where he is a Fellow of King's College. His work has ranged across the history and archaeology of archaic and classical Greece. He is a Fellow of the British Academy and an Honorary Member of the Greek Epigraphic Society, as well as both a former Vice-President of the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies and a former President of the Classical Association.; P. J. Rhodes studied at Oxford and taught Greek history at the University of Durham from 1965 until 2005, from 1983 as Professor of Ancient History; he is now Honorary and Emeritus Professor of Ancient History there. He has worked particularly on the sources for Greek history, and on political institutions and political activity in the Greek states. He is a Fellow of the British Academy, a Foreign Member of the Royal Danish Academy, an Honorary Member of the Greek Epigraphic Society, and a former President of the Classical Association.

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