India's Habituation with the Bomb: Nuclear Learning in South Asia

ISBN : 9780190701390

Naeem Salik
216 Pages
138 x 216 mm
Pub date
Jan 2020
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Despite the advantage of hindsight, India and Pakistan have stumbled through one crisis after another and have navigated their way through a process of trial and error. Learning is a cognitive process and thus difficult to quantify; however, its manifestations in the form of establishment of dedicated institutional structures, enactment of related legislations, and administrative measures are clearly discernible. This book, a mirror image of a book about Pakistan entitled Learning to Live with the Bomb by Naeem Salik, has been jointly authored by Pakistani and Indian scholars and provides an objective and insightful analysis of Indias experience of managing its nuclear capability including its doctrinal precepts, command and control, safety and security, export control and regulatory regimes, and its development of the ballistic missile defence system.


List of Acronyms
1. Brief History of Evolution of Indias Nuclear Programme Naeem Salik
2. Indias Nuclear Doctrine: Stasis or Dynamism? Ali Ahmed
3. Nuclear Weapons Governance in India: How Robust and Stringent? Sitakanta Mishra
4. Indias Export Control Regime Zafar Ali
5. Indias Nuclear Regulatory Regime
Happymon Jacob and Tanvi Kulkarni

About the author: 

Dr Naeem Salik served in the Pakistan Army from 1972-2005. He was one of the founding members of Pakistans National Command Authority and served as Director Arms Control and Disarmament Affairs at the Strategic Plans Division from 2001-05. Dr Salik has been a Visiting Fellow at Stimson Center, Brookings Institution, SAIS Johns Hopkins University, and Stanford University. He has taught at the Quaid-i-Azam University (1994-96) and at the National Defence University (2009-11). His previous publications include Genesis of South Asian Nuclear Deterrence (OUP 2009), Learning to Live with the Bomb (OUP 2017), and Nuclear Pakistan-Seeking Security and Stability (University of Lahore Press 2018).

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