Professional and Practical Considerations for Landscape Design

ISBN : 9780190623333

Steven L. Cantor
424 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Jan 2020
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Drawing on decades of professional practice and teaching experience, Steven L. Cantor's Professional and Practical Considerations for Landscape Design explains the field of landscape architecture, outlining with authority how to turn drawings of designs into creative, purposeful, and striking landscapes and landforms in today's world. This comprehensive guide consists of everything a young professional might encounter from conception through final project archiving, ensuring readers have both the tools necessary to keep up with advancements in the field and the practical business knowledge to build life-long partnerships. Each of the book's concise chapters emphasize a specific aspect of landscape architecture practice, from the administration of designs for contracts, areas of practice, human resources, marketing, construction materials, sustainability and ethics. Each chapter is written in a style that best suits the material. Alongside detailed definitions and practical "do's and don'ts" are 30 complex sample problems ranging in difficulty for both individuals and groups. An array of original photographs and clear examples in both black and white and color articulate standards and inspire future possibilities, featuring the work of Vicky Chan, founder of Avoid Obvious Architects, and Richard Alomar, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at Rutgers and co-founder of New York Urban Sketchers. By combining the author's unique depth of knowledge with real-world case studies from America, Asia, and Europe, Professional and Practical Considerations for Landscape Design is an up-to-date resource for every level of reader, from students in landscape architecture programs to professionals working in public or private practice, engineering, consulting, or contracting.




Chapter 1:



Chapter 2:

Part 1: Project Management

Part 2: Billing, Office Standards and the Metric System

Chapter 3:


Chapter 4:

Part 1: Marketing

Part 2: Human Resources

Chapter 5:

Part 1: Surveys

Part 2: Conceptual, Schematic, Design Development and Master Plan Drawings

Part 3: Construction Drawings

Part 4: Planting Drawings

Chapter 6:

Part 1: Building Code

Part 2: Specifications

Part 3: Cost Estimate

Chapter 7: Areas of Practice

Part 1: Site Planning

Part 2: Residential Design

Part 3: Public Works

Part 4: Roof Gardens and Green Roofs

Part 5: Environmental Assessment

Part 6: International Work

Chapter 8: Construction Materials and Details

Part 1: Pavements, Steps and Walls

Part 2: Lighting, Irrigation and Water Features

Part 3: Metal, Wood, Plastics, and Site Furniture

Part 4: Site Inspections

Chapter 9: Ethics and Sustainability

Part 1: Ethics

Part 2: Sustainability

Chapter 10: References


About the author: 

Steven L. Cantor, RLA, ASLA, has worked in private practice for firms in New York City and Atlanta. He taught at the University of Georgia School of Environmental Design in Athens, the University of Colorado in Boulder, the New York Botanical Garden, and Anhalt University in Bernburg, Germany. He has written about landscape architecture for over thirty years in books, journals, magazines, and websites. Vicky Chan, architect, founded Avoid Obvious Architects in 2012, a firm focused on combining art with green technology. His projects have been exhibited in 37 cities and have won 38 design awards. Starting in 2020, Chan is President of the American Institute of Architects Hong Kong Chapter. Richard Alomar, RLA, is the Associate Director of the Office of Urban Extension and Engagement and an Associate Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.

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