The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare

ISBN : 9780198703495

Arthur F. Kinney
846 Pages
172 x 245 mm
Pub date
Dec 2014
Oxford Handbooks of Literature
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Situated within the Oxford Handbooks to Literature series, the group of Oxford Handbooks to Shakespeare are designed to record past and present investigations and renewed and revised judgments by both familiar and younger Shakespearean specialists. Each of these volumes is edited by one or more internationally distinguished Shakespeareans; together, they comprehensively survey the entire field. An essential resource for the study of Shakespeare, The Oxford Handbook to Shakespeare is edited by esteemed scholar Arthur Kinney and contains forty specially written essays. It provides fresh and imaginative readings of his plays and poems, reflects on the current state of Shakespeare Studies, and suggests the likely future directions it will take. The Handbook is divided into five sections: 'Texts' explores how Shakespeare wrote, who he collaborated with, the ways in which his works were transmitted, and the reactions of his early readers; 'Conditions' examines the economic, social, artistic, and linguistic forces at play on Shakespeare; 'Works' discusses the various stages of his career; 'Performances' is concerned with issues such as the reception of his plays, the theatre business, and film adaptations; and 'Current Speculations' includes essays on topics ranging from the role of philosophical thought and the influence of classical sources to the relevance of empire, technology, religion, and law. By covering the range of Shakespeare's work in his time and ours, this myriad-minded book deepens and enriches our understanding of the great poet and unparalleled playwright's accomplishments.


1. Authorship
2. Collaboration
3. Manuscript Circulation
4. Quarto and Folio
5. Revisions
6. Dramatic Meter
7. Book Trade
8. Early Readers
9. Economy
10. Status
11. Domestic Life
12. Gender
13. Language
14. Dramaturgy
15. Censorship
16. Early Shakespeare
17. Middle Shakespeare
18. Poetry
19. Late Shakespeare
20. Local Records
21. Patronage
22. Repertory
23. Foreign Worlds
24. Theater as Business
25. Audience Reception
26. Shakespeare on Film
27. Marketing Shakespeare
28. Classics
29. Character
30. Law
31. Formation of Nationhood
32. Republicanism
33. Empire
34. Philosophy
35. Pragmatism
36. Religion
37. Architecture
38. Science and Technology
39. Shakespeare and America
40. Shakespeare and the World

About the author: 

Arthur F. Kinney is Thomas W. Copeland Professor of Literary History and Director of the Center for Renaissance Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is the author of numerous books, including Tudor England: An Encyclopedia, Shakespeare, Macbeth, and the Cultural Moment, Shakespeare's Web Shakespeare and Cognition, Shakespeare by Stages, and Shakespeare, Computers, and the Mysteries of Authorship (with Hugh Craig). He is the recipient of the Paul Oskar Kristeller Lifetime Achievement Award from the Renaissance Society of America and the Jean Robertson Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Sidney Society. He has edited Renaissance Drama: An Anthology of Plays and Entertainments and A Companion to Renaissance Drama for Blackwell.

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