Coming of Age: The Neurobiology and Psychobiology of Puberty and Adolescence

ISBN : 9780195314373

Cheryl L. Sisk; Russell D. Romeo
232 Pages
156 x 156 mm
Pub date
Dec 2019
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Contemporary neuroscience has made remarkable strides in our understanding of the developing adolescent brain-an area of study previously reserved for developmental psychologists and pediatric endocrinologists. With an eye toward the history and future of the field, Coming of Age takes a look at the research that brought about this paradigm shift. Current advances in neuroscience have changed the way we think about everything-from how drugs and stress influence adolescent development to how hormones cause differing developmental trajectories among females and males. Sisk and Romeo guide students and non-specialist researchers alike through the basic science of brain and behavioral development. Important social and ethical questions are raised including: Why does puberty continue to occur at a younger age? Why does teenage behavior embrace risk and volatility? When does adolescent development end? And how should our understanding of adolescent development affect the juvenile justice system?


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Puberty: It Started with a Little Kiss...
Chapter 3 Remodeling the Adolescent Brain: What's in the Tool Box?
Chapter 4 Remodeling the Adolescent Brain: From Local to Global
Chapter 5 Executive Function: What Were You Thinking?
Chapter 6 Puberty, Hormones, and the Social Brain
Chapter 7 Stress and the Adolescent Brain: The Perfect Storm
Chapter 8 Drugs and the Adolescent Brain: Eggs Anyone?
Chapter 9 Puberty and Adolescence in a Life-Span Context

About the author: 

Cheryl L. Sisk is University Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at Michigan State University. Her research focuses on hormonal influences of brain and behavioral development during puberty and adolescence. She has a long-standing interest in graduate education and research training as well as professional development of trainees and early-stage academic researchers. Russell D. Romeo is the Tow Associate Professor of the Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behavior Program at Barnard College, Columbia University. His research examines the impact of stress on the development of neural circuits important in emotional reactivity, and the effects of pubertal maturation on brain and behavior.

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