The Social Epidemiology of Sleep

ISBN : 9780190930448

Dustin T. Duncan; Ichiro Kawachi; Susan Redline
456 Pages
156 x 156 mm
Pub date
Nov 2019
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AN ESSENTIAL NEW RESOURCE ON A FUNDAMENTAL DETERMINANT OF HEALTH Sleep, along with the sleep-related behaviors that impact sleep quality, have emerged as significant determinants of health and well-being across populations. An emerging body of research has confirmed that sleep is strongly socially patterned, following trends along lines of socioeconomic status, race, immigration status, age, work, and geography. The Social Epidemiology of Sleep serves as both an introduction to sleep epidemiology and a synthesis of the most important and exciting research to date, including: * An introduction to sleep epidemiology, including methods of assessment and their validity, the descriptive epidemiology of sleep patterns and disorders, associations with health, and basic biology * What we know about the variation of sleep patterns and disorders across populations, including consideration of sleep across the lifespan and within special populations * Major social determinants of sleep (including socioeconomic status, immigration status, neighborhood contexts, and others) based on the accumulated research With editors from both population science and medicine, combined with contributions from psychology, sociology, demography, geography, social epidemiology, and medicine, this text codifies a new field at the intersection of how we sleep and the social and behavioral factors that influence it.


Part I: An Introduction to Sleep Epidemiology
1. Sleep Epidemiology: A Social Perspective
Dustin T. Duncan, Ichiro Kawachi, and Susan Redline
2. Sleep Epidemiology: An Introduction
Susan Redline, Brian Redline, and Peter James
Part II: Sleep Health over the Life Course and among Special Populations
3. Sleep In Pregnancy
Louise M. O'Brien and Galit L. Dunietz

4. Sleep Among Children
Judith Owens and Monica Ordway
5. Sleep Among Working Adults
Faith S. Luyster, Lynn M. Baniak, Eileen R. Chasens, Christine A. Feeley, Christopher C. Imes, and Jonna L. Morris
6. Sleep Among Older Adults
Katie Stone and Vicki Li
7. Race as a Social Determinant of Sleep Health
Rebecca Robins, Azizi Seixas, Natasha Williams, Byoungjun Kim, Judite Blanc, Joao Nunes and Girardin Jean-Louis
8. Sleep Health Among Sexual and Gender Minorities
Brett Millar, William C. Goedel, and Dustin T. Duncan
9. Sleep Among Immigrants: Does Acculturation Matter?
Sunmin Lee, Natalie Slopen and Seo Young Hong
Part III: Social Determinants of Sleep
10. Socioeconomic Status and Sleep
Michael Grandner
11. Exposure to Discrimination and Sleep
Tene Lewis and Izraelle I. McKinnon
12. Family Factors and Sleep
Eunjin Lee Tracy and Wendy Troxel
13. Bidirectional Relationships between Work and Sleep
Chandra Jackson, Soomi Lee, Tori L. Crain, and Orfeu M. Buxton
14. Housing Conditions as Environmental and Social Determinants of Sleep Health
Chandra Jackson
15. Neighborhoods and Sleep
Dayna Johnson, Yazan A. Aljouni, and Dustin T. Duncan
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About the author: 

DUSTIN T. DUNCAN, ScD, is Associate Professor in the Department of Population Health at the New York University School of Medicine, where he directs the Spatial Epidemiology Lab. Duncan is a social and spatial epidemiologist, studying how social factors, including neighborhood characteristics, influence sexual health, sleep health, and minority health. He completed his doctorate and the Alonzo Smythe Yerby Postdoctoral Fellowship, both in social epidemiology, at Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health. ICHIRO KAWACHI, MBChB, PhD, is the John L. Loeb and Frances Lehman Loeb Professor of Social Epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, where he has taught since 1992. He is coeditor of several books, including Neighborhoods and Health, Behavioral Economics and Public Health, Social Epidemiology, and the Oxford Handbook of Public Health Practice, all published by Oxford University Press. SUSAN REDLINE, MD, MPH, is the Peter C. Farrell; Professor of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Senior Physician in the Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Her research is focused on epidemiological studies to elucidate the etiologies of sleep disorders, including the role of genetic and early life developmental factors, and epidemiological and clinical trials aimed at understanding the health outcomes of sleep disorders and the role of sleep interventions in improving health.

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