The Alternative Augustan Age

ISBN : 9780190901400

Josiah Osgood; Kit Morrell; Kathryn Welch
392 Pages
156 x 156 mm
Pub date
Dec 2019
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The princeps Augustus (63 BCE - 14 CE), recognized as the first of the Roman emperors, looms large in the teaching and writing of Roman history. Major political, literary, and artistic developments alike are attributed to him. This book deliberately and provocatively shifts the focus off Augustus while still looking at events of his time. Contributors uncover the perspectives and contributions of a range of individuals other than the princeps. Not all thought they were living in the "Augustan Age." Not all took their cues from Augustus. In their self-display or ideas for reform, some anticipated Augustus. Others found ways to oppose him that also helped to shape the future of their community. The volume challenges the very idea of an "Augustan Age" by breaking down traditional turning points and showing the continuous experimentation and development of these years to be in continuity with earlier Roman culture. In showcasing absences of Augustus and giving other figures their due, the papers here make a seemingly familiar period startlingly new.


List of contributors
Table of figures
1. The alternative Augustan age
Hannah Mitchell, Kit Morrell, Josiah Osgood, and Kathryn Welch
2. Augustus as magpie
Kit Morrell
3. Hopes and aspirations: res publica, leges et iura, and alternatives at Rome
Eleanor Cowan
4. Rebuilding Romulus' Senate: The lectio senatus of 18 BCE
Andrew Pettinger
5. The good wife: fate, fortune, and familia in Augustan Rome
Bronwyn Hopwood
6. At magnus Caesar, and Yet! Social resistance against Augustan legislation
Werner Eck
7. C. Asinius Pollio and the politics of cosmopolitanism
Joel Allen
8. For Rome or for Augustus? Triumphs beyond the imperial family in the post-civil war period
Carsten Hjort Lange
9. Egyptian victories: the praefectus Aegypti and the presentation of military success in the age of Augustus
Wolfgang Havener
10. African alternatives
Josiah Osgood
11. The reputation of L. Munatius Plancus and the idea of serving the times
Hannah Mitchell
12. How do you solve a problem like Marcus Agrippa?
James Tan
13. Acting republican under Augustus: the coin types of the gens Antistia
Megan Goldman-Petri
14. Saecular discourse: qualitative periodization in first century BCE Rome
Paul Hay
15. Maecenas and the Augustan poets: the background of a cultural ambition
Philippe Le Doze
16. Gauls on top: provincials ruling Rome on the shield of Aeneas
Geraldine Herbert-Brown
17. The rise of the centumviral court in the Augustan age: an alternative arena of aristocratic competition
Matthew Roller
18. Shields of Virtue(s)
Kathryn Welch
19. The popular reception of Augustus and the self-infantilization of Rome's citizenry
Tom Hillard
20. Inventing the imperial Senate
Amy Russell

About the author: 

Josiah Osgood is Chair and Professor of Classics at Georgetown University (Washington DC). He has published several books on Roman history including Caesar's Legacy: Civil War and the Emergence of the Roman Empire (Cambridge University Press) and Turia: A Roman Woman's Civil War (Oxford University Press). ; Kit Morrell is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam and an Honorary Associate of the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Sydney. Her previous publications include Pompey, Cato, and the Governance of the Roman Empire (Oxford University Press). ; Associate Professor Kathryn Welch teaches Roman history at the University of Sydney (Sydney NSW Australia). Her most recent publications include Magnus Pius: Sextus Pompeius and the transformation of the Roman Republic (Classical Press of Wales) and (as editor) Appian's Roman History: empire and civil war (CPW). With Anton Powell, she edited Julius Caesar as Artful Reporter (CPW).

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