A Guide to Early Jewish Texts and Traditions in Christian Transmission

ISBN : 9780190863074

Alexander Kulik; Gabriele Boccaccini; Lorenzo DiTommaso; David Hamidovic; Michael E. Stone
560 Pages
178 x 178 mm
Pub date
Oct 2019
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The Jewish culture of the Hellenistic and early Roman periods established a basis for all monotheistic religions, but its main sources have been preserved to a great degree through Christian transmission. This Guide is devoted to problems of preservation, reception, and transformation of Jewish texts and traditions of the Second Temple period in the many Christian milieus from the ancient world to the late medieval era. It approaches this corpus not as an artificial collection of reconstructed texts-a body of hypothetical originals-but rather from the perspective of the preserved materials, examined in their religious, social, and political contexts. It also considers the other, non-Christian, channels of the survival of early Jewish materials, including Rabbinic, Gnostic, Manichaean, and Islamic. This unique project brings together scholars from many different fields in order to map the trajectories of early Jewish texts and traditions among diverse later cultures. It also provides a comprehensive and comparative introduction to this new field of study while bridging the gap between scholars of early Judaism and of medieval Christianity.


Introduction: Alexander Kulik, The Voice of Jacob
A. Traditions
1. William Adler, Greek
2. Robert A. Kraft, Latin
3. Pierluigi Piovanelli, Ethiopic
4. Alexander Kulik, Slavonic
5. Jacques van der Vliet, Coptic
6. Sergey Minov, Syriac
7. Michael E. Stone, Armenian
8. Jost Gippert, Georgian
9. John C. Reeves, Christian Arabic
10. Martin McNamara, Irish
11. Brian Murdoch, Germanic
B. Corpora
12. Lorenzo DiTommaso, The 'Old Testament Pseudepigrapha' as Category and Corpus
13. Michael Tuval, Flavius Josephus
14. Gregory E. Sterling, Philo of Alexandria
15. Abraham Terain, Armenian Philonic Corpus
16. Folker Siegert, Minor Jewish Hellenistic Authors
17. Folker Siegert, Early Jewish Liturgical Texts
18. David Hamidovic, Qumran Texts
19. Gabriele Boccaccini, Enochic Traditions
21. Jonathan Ben-Dov, The Jewish Calendar and Jewish Sciences
C. Comparative Perspectives: Alternative Modes of Transmission
21. Martha Himmelfarb, Rabbinic and Post-Rabbinic Jewish
22. Dylan M. Burns, Gnostic
23. John C. Reeves, Manichaean
24. John C. Reeves, Islamic
D. Trajectories of Traditions
25. James Hamilton Charlesworth, 'The Pseudepigrapha Crescent,' and a Taxonomy of How Christians Shaped Jewish Traditions and Texts
26. Lorenzo DiTommaso, The Reception and Interpretation of 'Old Testament' Figures in Literature and Art from Antiquity through the Reformation: Studies, 1983-2017

About the author: 

Alexander Kulik is Associate Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Gabriele Boccaccini is Professor of Second Temple Judaism and and Christian Origins at the University of Michigan. Lorenzo DiTommaso is Professor of Religions and Cultures at Concordia University Montreal. David Hamidovic is Professor of Jewish Apocryphal Literature and History of Judaism in Antiquity at the University of Lausanne. Michael E. Stone is Professor Emeritus of Comparative Religions and Armenian Studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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