Teaching Music Appreciation Online

ISBN : 9780190698386

Bethanie L. Hansen
360 Pages
156 x 156 mm
Pub date
Dec 2019
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In this book, readers will learn practical tips and strategies to teach music appreciation online. As online education is a growing field, an increasing number of teachers trained in traditional/live methods find themselves now teaching online and potentially without mentors to assist them. Students are also changing, seeking highly engaged, relevant, and interactive learning opportunities that connect to their lives. Here, readers will find helpful guidance in planning curriculum, integrating multimedia assets, designing forum discussions, developing assignments, preparing rubrics, engaging in forum discussions, preparing, managing, and teaching, the course, providing feedback and grading, and following up with struggling and challenging students. The book can serve as a resource to those already teaching music appreciation online or as a comprehensive guide to those new to the field. Additionally, it may serve as a resource to instructors in other disciplines who seek to shift live-courses to the online format, as well as music appreciation instructors who would like to integrate digital or online components into traditional face-to-face courses. The book is organized into five major sections, designed to guide the novice online educator in depth while also appealing to the seasoned veteran through the ability to review each section as a stand-alone resource. Although some readers will desire to read from cover to cover, they will also be able to move in a non-linear manner from chapter to chapter, using chapters in modular form, in order to benefit from the sections that most apply to them at any given time.


Part 1. Mindset & Philosophy
Chapter 1: Orientation to Online Education
Chapter 2: Philosophy and Mindset for Online Education
Part 2. Planning the Course
Chapter 3: Big-Picture Planning and Backwards Mapping
Chapter 4: Curriculum Content
Chapter 5: Methods and Strategies
Part 3. Specifics of Course Components & Samples
Chapter 6: Forum Discussions
Chapter 7: Quizzes, Tests, & Assessments
Chapter 8: Assignments
Chapter 9: Rubrics and Evaluation Tools
Chapter 10: Multimedia Assets
Part 4. Preparing, Teaching, and Ending the Course
Chapter 11: Preparing the Online Classroom
Chapter 12: Teaching the Course
Chapter 13: Assisting Students
Chapter 14: Ending the Course
Chapter 15: Teaching Multiple Courses or at Multiple Institutions

About the author: 

Bethanie L. Hansen is a Faculty Director, coach, educator, writer, musician, and presenter. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Brigham Young University, a Master of Science in Arts & Letters from Southern Oregon University, and a Doctor of Music Arts in Music Education from Boston University. With 25 years as an educator, her experience includes teaching music and writing to children and adults, including online music appreciation courses, and coaching online faculty to teach with excellence.

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