The Oxford Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Collaboration

ISBN : 9780190633899

Jeffrey J. Reuer; Sharon F. Matusik; Jessica Jones
864 Pages
171 x 171 mm
Pub date
Nov 2019
Oxford Handbooks
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Organizational collaboration has played an important role in the field of strategic management in recent decades, including influential works on joint ventures, networks, and social capital. Likewise, the field of entrepreneurship has long recognized the value of collaboration, since young ventures often don't have the latitude to own or control all of the resources they need. Rather, the conditions of uncertainty and resource scarcity inherent in entrepreneurship push these ventures to creatively access resources, often through partnerships and collaborations that vary in formality. Though the importance of collaboration to entrepreneurship might seem apparent, research on it is distributed across multiple contexts, theoretical perspectives, and units of analysis. The Oxford Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Collaboration is a comprehensive volume that addresses the most important topics related to collaboration and connects them to unique challenges and opportunities related to entrepreneurship. Bringing together leading scholars from both areas, the volume takes stock of the current literature and aims to advance this body of research by highlighting the role that collaboration plays in value creation, resource acquisition, and the development of entrepreneurial ventures.


1. The Interplay of Entrepreneurship and Collaboration
Jeffrey J. Reuer, Sharon F. Matusik, and Jessica Jones
Part I Foundations of Entrepreneurship and Collaboration
2. Temporality and Collaboration in Entrepreneurial Ownership and Finance
Mike Wright
3. The Paradox of Control Through Collaboration in Effectual Entrepreneurship
Saras Sarasvathy and Nicholas Dew
4. Entrepreneurship Through Mergers and Alliances: Schumpeter Remixed
Benjamin Gomes-Casseres
5. The Communicative Constitution of Entrepreneurship
Timothy Kuhn and Dana Marshall
Part II Networks and Social Capital
6. Institutions and the Embedded Entrepreneur
Maryann Feldman and Paige Clayton
7. Social Relations and the Performance of Different Startup Types: The Networks Don't Lie
Jason Greenberg
8. Dynamic Networking by Entrepreneurs: Collaborative Efforts in Developing Opportunities and Mobilizing Resources
Tom Elfring and Willem Hulsink
9. Community Social Capital and the Venture Gestation Process
Siddharth Vedula and Casey J. Frid
10. Collaboration Among Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists
Lyda Bigelow, Jennifer Kuan, and Kyle Mayer
Part III Collaboration and Markets for Technology
11. Startups' Exit Strategies in the Market for Technology: When to Pull the Plug
Hakki Dogan Dalay and Andrea Fosfuri
12. Avoiding Collaboration Stalemates in Technology Commercialization
Phillip H. Kim, Manuel F. Ramirez, and Reddi Kotha
13. Collaboration and Intellectual Property: Strategies for Navigating Fragmented Property Rights
Michael B. Heeley and David R. King
14. Collaborative Market Making: The Critical Role of Dyadic and Multi-Partner Alliances in the Formation of New Markets
Pinar Ozcan and Kerem Gurses
Part IV Collaboration With and Across Investors
15. The Effects of VCs on Entrepreneurial Firms' Strategic Alliances and Liquidity Events
Roberto Ragozzino
16. The Crowdfunding Paradigm: An Exploration of Founder-Funder Dynamics and Their Implications for Capability Development and Long-Term Success
Sharon F. Matusik and Jessica Jones
17. Coordination Frictions in Venture Capital Syndicates
Ramana Nanda and Matthew Rhodes-Kropf
18. Collaboration in Entrepreneurial Finance
Douglas Cumming, Sofia Johan, and Yelin Zhang
Part V Alliances in Entrepreneurial Contexts
19. Asymmetric Partnerships: Formation, Process Dynamics, and Firm Performance
Jiang Bian and Riitta Katila
20. Why Do Small Firms Benefit Less From Alliances Than Large Firms?
Michael J. Leiblein, Jeffrey T. Macher, and Tiberiu S. Ungureanu
21. Collaborating With Larger Partners: Benefits and Risks for Entrepreneurial Firms
Christian Lechner, Birthe Soppe, and Karolina Heggli
22. Types of Spin-Out Firms and Collaborations With Parent Organizations
Vilma Chila and Xavier Martin
23. The Role of Heuristics in Alliance Collaboration for Entrepreneurial Firms
William Hesterly and Jenny Su Bing Smith
Part VI Collaboration and Innovation
24. Amphibious Entrepreneurs and the Origins of Invention
Kurt Sandholtz and Walter W. Powell
25. Collaboration in Business Model Innovation
Raphael Amit, Xu Han, and Christoph Zott
26. Collaborating for Innovation: The Role of Organizational Complementarities
Peter G. Klein, Mark D. Packard, and Karen Schnatterly
27. Inter-Organizational Collaboration and Start-Up Innovation
Vikas Aggarwal and Andy Wu
Part VII Entrepreneurial Teams and Motivations
28. Entrepreneurial Team Assembly: Knowledge Transfer, Customer Transfer, and Matching Models
Martin Ganco, Florence Honore, and Joseph Raffiee
29. The Contingent Effect of Team Composition on the Performance of Entrepreneurial Teams
Serghei Musaji and Julio De Castro
30. Collaboration Inside the Firm: Founders and Managers of Entrepreneurial Ventures
Elena Kulchina
31. An Intentions-Based Model of Entrepreneurs' Prosocial Behavior: Why Entrepreneurs May Be Exceptionally Generous
Robert A. Baron and Keith M. Hmieleski
32. Family Founding Teams, Internal and External Collaboration, and New Venture Growth
Suho Han, Sae Young Lee, and Melissa E. Graebner
33. Microfoundations of Collaboration in Entrepreneurship
Carlo Salvato

About the author: 

Jeffrey J. Reuer is the Guggenheim Endowed Chair and Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Sharon F. Matusik is Dean and Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship in the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Jessica Jones is a Ph.D. candidate in the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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