The Paraphilias: Changing Suits in the Evolution of Sexual Interest Paradigms

ISBN : 9780190466329

J. Paul Fedoroff
264 Pages
178 x 178 mm
Pub date
Nov 2019
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Of the thousands of papers and books about problematic sexual behaviors, most focus solely on sex crimes or so-called "hyper-sexuality" or "sexual addiction." Together, these publications present a grim and pessimistic prognosis for anyone who has unusual sexual interests of any type. This book challenges that view by providing a more informed and balanced review of what is known and what is not known about unconventional sexual interests. It is based on approximately thirty years of experience by the author concerning the assessment and treatment of paraphilias and unconventional sexual interests. The Paraphilias: Changing Suits in the Evolution of Sexual Interest Paradigms examines current and past perspectives concerning unconventional sexual interests associated with both criminal and non-criminal activities. Extensively referenced, it challenges the dogma that sexual interests are immutably determined during a single critical period and are thereafter unchangeable. The book provides extensive case histories and tables summarizing over 100 paraphilias and the latest research regarding them. It also reviews diagnostic criteria for the paraphilias. Analyses of current and past paradigms are presented together with new ways to understand, investigate, and provide meaningful and effective assistance to people with paraphilias. It is written for mental health clinicians and specialists in the fields of sexology and forensic psychiatry and psychology.


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About the Author
Chapter 1. Perspectives and Paradigms: An introduction to the paraphilias
Chapter 2. Assessment,Treatment and management of paraphilic disorders
Chapter 3. Exhibitionistic Disorder
Chapter 4. Fetishistic Disorders
Chapter 5. Frotteuristic Disorder
Chapter 6. Pedophilic Disorder
Chapter 7. Sexual Masochism and Sadism Disorders
Chapter 8. Voyeuristic Disorder
Chapter 9. Transvestic Disorder
Chapter 10. Other Specified Paraphilic Disorders (OSPD)
Chapter 11. Putting it all together. Quo Vadis?

About the author: 

J. Paul Fedoroff, M.D.is Professor of Psychiatry, Criminology and Law and Director of the Sexual Behaviors Clinic, The Royal and Head, Division of Forensic Psychiatry at the University of Ottawa, Canada

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