Cultures of Calvinism in Early Modern Europe

ISBN : 9780190456283

Crawford Gribben; Graeme Murdock
268 Pages
156 x 156 mm
Pub date
Jan 2020
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Scholars have associated Calvinism with print and literary cultures, with republican, liberal, and participatory political cultures, with cultures of violence and vandalism, enlightened cultures, cultures of social discipline, secular cultures, and with the emergence of capitalism. Reflecting on these arguments, the essays in this volume recognize that Reformed Protestantism did not develop as a uniform tradition but varied across space and time. The authors demonstrate that multiple iterations of Calvinism developed and impacted upon differing European communities that were experiencing social and cultural transition. They show how these different forms of Calvinism were shaped by their adherents and opponents, and by the divergent political and social contexts in which they were articulated and performed. Recognizing that Reformed Protestantism developed in a variety of cultural settings, this volume analyzes the ways in which it related to the multi-confessional cultural environment that prevailed in Europe after the Reformation.


Crawford Gribben and Graeme Murdock
Cultures of the Word
1. Describing Calvinism
Todd Rester
2. Calvinism, Conversion and the Science of the self
Crawford Gribben
3. Calvinism and Education
D.G. Hart
4. Calvin, Calvinism, and Philosophy
Paul Helm
5. Calvinism and Literature
Mark Sweetnam
Visual and Performing Cultures
6. Calvinism and Theatre in Early Modern England and the Dutch Republic
Freya Sierhuis and Adrian Streete
7. Calvinism and Visual Culture: The Art of Evasion
Angela Vanhaelan
Cultures of Behaviour
8. Exiles and Calvinist Identity
Mirjam van Veen
9. Calvinism and War
Christine Kooi
10. Calvinism and Moral Discipline
Graeme Murdock
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About the author: 

Crawford Gribben teaches history at Queen's University Belfast. He is the author of books on the history of puritanism and evangelicalism, including John Owen and English Puritanism. Graeme Murdock teaches history at Trinity College Dublin. His research has focused on the impact of the Reformation in Central Europe and on Calvinist communities in sixteenth-century France.

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