The Moral Argument: A History

ISBN : 9780190246365

David Baggett; Jerry Walls
288 Pages
156 x 156 mm
Pub date
Dec 2019
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The history of the moral argument for the existence of God is a fascinating tale. Like any good story, it is full of twists and unexpected turns, compelling conflicts, memorable and idiosyncratic characters, both central and ancillary players. The narrative is as labyrinthine and circuitous as it is linear, its point yet to be fully seen, and its ending yet to be written. What remains certain is the importance of telling it. The resources of history offer a refresher course, a teachable moment, a cautionary tale about the need to avoid making sacrosanct the trends of the times, and an often sobering lesson in why reigning assumptions may need to be rejected. This book lets the argument's advocates, many long dead, come alive again and speak for themselves. A historical study of the moral argument is a reminder that classical philosophers were unafraid to ask and explore the big questions of faith, hope, and love; of truth, goodness, and beauty; of God, freedom, and immortality. It gives students and scholars alike the chance to drill down into their ideas, contexts, and arguments. Only by a careful study of its history can we come to see its richness and the range of resources it offers.


Chapter 1: Precursors to Kant
Chapter 2: The Sage of Konigsberg: Immanuel Kant
Chapter 3: A Contentious, Contemplative Cardinal: John Henry Newman
Chapter 4: An Agnostic Moralist: Henry Sidgwick
Chapter 5: That Adorable Genius & a Prime Minister: William James and Arthur Balfour
Chapter 6: A Knightbridge Professor: William Sorley
Chapter 7: An Edinburgher: Andrew Seth Pringle-Pattison
Chapter 8: The Theo-Philosopher of Carlisle: Hastings Rashdall
Chapter 9: An Oxford Nolloth Professor: Clement Webb
Chapter 10: The Gregarious Aristocrat: W. G. de Burgh
Chapter 11: An Eminent and Erudite Platonist: A. E. Taylor
Chapter 12: Dean of St. Paul's: W. R. Matthews
Chapter 13: A Dinosaur: C. S. Lewis
Chapter 14: A Reverend Don: H. P. Owen
Chapter 15: Contemporary Moral Apologists

About the author: 

David Baggett is Professor of Philosophy at Liberty University. A two-time Christianity Today Book Award winner, he's authored or edited over a dozen books, including God and Cosmos, with Jerry L. Walls. Jerry L. Walls is Scholar in Residence and Professor of Philosophy at Houston Baptist University. Among his books is a trilogy on heaven, hell, and purgatory and Good God, with David Baggett.

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